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Protean Software

Our service management software, Protean, can help your business to optimise its potential. By rescuing managers and admin staff from the laborious tasks that can be involved with selling, servicing and hiring equipment, the software helps to free-up valuable time, which can in turn be spent carrying out more profitable and productive activities

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Streamline job management

    Empower your workforce

    Easily manage service agreements

    Reduce risk and monitor equipment

    Understand the value of client relationships with the CRM/ marketing module

    Effectively manage parts control

    Manage the sales process from enquiry through to quotation, order and invoice

  • With Protean software you gain the comprehensive visibility that is required to successfully manage contracts and projects to increase productivity. In addition to this you can also access vital job/ contract/ project information on demand, whether you’re in the office or working remotely

    Protean connects your mobile workforce with the UK’s leading mobile engineer communications and tracking module. This allows you to schedule, collaborate with, communicate and track your team’s activities effortlessly, whether you’re online or offline.

    The system helps to minimise the costs and intricacies associated with administrative work. You also have the added benefit of being able to produce and record your own contracts

    Protean comes complete with a robust CRM/ marketing module that can help you to increase lead generation, administer your sales pipeline and forecast your sales and cash flow more accurately.

    You can effectively reduce downtime and loss of productivity by tracking and controlling parts that leave your warehouse

Why Solutions?

Solutions are not solely Sage business partners. We have also built strong relationships with other software providers such as Protean, who are experts in driving efficiencies with adaptable software that caters to the complete service lifecycle. This entails lead generation all the way through to asset retirement.

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