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Use our expertise to help your Not for Profit support others, with Sage Intacct.

Not for Profits

We understand the needs and restrictions that many Not for Profits face. Our knowledge and expertise can help streamline and automate your processes so you can pursue your mission more effectively.

We’ll work collaboratively to ensure our experts understand your business processes, making sure that Sage Intacct is configured so it delivers ongoing success while improving your fundraising, awareness efforts and team morale

We are passionate about providing a system that can manage the complexity of your charitable organisation, in addition to automating and streamlining your processes. Our fully accredited Sage Intacct team will ensure the system is configured to support your business effectively, and will help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation to the support of your software and your business once you are up and running.

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Fast Consolidations

When you’re operating different legal entities with different currencies and complex tax jurisdictions, the efficiency of your organisation can suffer. With Sage Intacct you can forget about the headaches of spreadsheets and manual reconciliations. Sage Intacct’s sophisticated multidimensional database lets you aggregate transactions and activities across your not-for-profit organisation:
• Multiple entities
• Multiple currencies
• Multiple grants and donors
• Multiple locations

With push-button consolidations, you get fast closing and real-time analytics in minutes, not weeks, for a maximum impact on your not-for-profit’s performance.

Comprehensive Fund Accounting

Many not-for-profits receive grants and direct donations in separate income streams.
Donors rightfully want to know how their investments are faring. Sage Intacct fund accounting creates separate closes for each revenue sourcing along with a regular series of specific reports, each with its own unique requirements for every funder.

Sage Intacct fund accounting helps generate:
• Statements of activities
• Statements of financial position
• Statements of cash flow

To find out how our software experts can help give you complete control over your business, call us today on 0115 840 5075 or email

Complete visibility and transparency

Transparency is essential for securing and keeping donors and sponsors on board. Sage Intacct provides:

Speed – you can quickly ‘know and show’ what’s happening across your not-for-profit organisation.
Accuracy – you can have access to reporting and analysis tools that can improve visibility.
Clarity – have visibility of financial and operational data that can be transformed into actionable insights for smarter decisions.

Stronger internal controls, tighter cash management

Sage Intacct accounting software gives you the tools to have centralised control and distributed responsibility in one system, allowing you to:

  • Achieve a granular level of accuracy
  • Set budgets for each event, campaign, programme and funder
  • Track the actuals to create tighter control and prevent unexpected outcomes
  • Manage capital budgets

To find out how our software experts can help give you complete control over your business, call us today on 0115 840 5075 or email

Sage Intacct enables Finance Managers and CFOs to access integrated management and financial reporting so you can focus on the growth of your charitable organisation. This intuitive solution delivers the automation and controls around billing, accounting and reporting, as well as reducing errors, enabling you to stay audit-ready and concentrate on the more important things, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Sage Intacct is ideal for:

  • Community improvement and capacity building
  • Educational not-for-profit organisations
  • Faith-based organisations
  • Not-for-profit healthcare organisations
  • Human services organisations
  • International not-for-profit and Non-Government Organisations
  • Membership Organisations
  • Philanthropic Organisations

Key features

Core Financials

Automate complex processes and multi-dimensional data analysis.

Dashboards & reporting

Intuitive dashboards provide fast, yet rich, financial and operational performance. 


Smart solutions to simplify complex revenue and billing processes.


Built-in tools for growth – integrate with Salesforce and more. 

Advanced functionality

Flexible additional modules for total financial management.

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Terry Mccarthy, DJH Group Ltd

“Very quick response times and support received surpassed my expectations. George was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. “

Ian Hindmarch, Pajunk UK Medical Products Limited

Nick Kenyon, Numed Healthcare

What’s next?

Our Consultants will host an exploratory phone conversation with you to ensure Sage Intacct is the right solution for you and to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation. You will also see a demonstration of the software focusing on the elements that are important to your processes. All our demonstrations are uniquely tailored to the client so we won’t waste your time with features that have no relevance to your procedures.

Next you will be introduced to your dedicated Project Manager whose job is to ensure the smooth implementation of Sage Intacct into your business. Your PM will ensure it is configured to complement and streamline your existing processes, importing relevant data across and much more.

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