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Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Case Studies BabyStyle - Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200

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Babystyle is a distribution/wholesale company dealing in prams, pushchairs, nursery furniture and accessories, working with high street department stores (John Lewis, Mothercare, Toys R Us and Boots) and small independent retailers. It has 28 members of staff, including four directors.

Turnover has risen to around £9 million a year, largely due to the company developing its own brand, Oyster, which accounts for approximately three quarters of the business. With the success of the Oyster brand, Babystyle is targeting new global markets including South Africa and the Middle East.

Our brief:

With the soaring popularity of its products and often long order-times from expecting parents, Babystyle was facing tens of thousands of orders from national brands and independent retailers, overloading its existing Sage 50 software.

Having outgrown Sage 50, Babystyle appointed Solutions for Accounting, from a recommended shortlist of Top 10 Sage Business Partners, to upgrade its software provision.

Andrew ‘Rollie’ Rollinson, Financial Director of Babystyle Ltd, said: We felt that Solutions for Accounting really understood what we were about. They seemed to be more in touch with the day-to-day running of the company and really listened to our concerns about how a switch would affect our members of staff.

Solutions for Accounting recommended upgrading to Sage 200, which would allow data to be centrally accessed by Babystyles accounts, customer service, parts and repairs and warehouse teams. Dispatch notes and invoices could also be driven directly from the warehouse, further building efficiency into the company’s practices.

The addition of Spindle would enable automated email invoicing – moving the company closer to paperless operations.


Rollie said: The switch to Sage 200 and Spindle was a big upheaval but did not mean much downtime.

Representatives from Solutions for Accounting spent time training our staff so that they understood the changes. They didn’t just leave us. They came up with solutions to any issues and the transition went smoothly.

Most of Babystyles employees are now accessing the new Sage 200 system as the ambitious company introduces its Oyster products to lucrative new global markets.

Solution for Accounting is providing ongoing support to Babystyle, ensuring its financial provision is well equipped to handle growing demand from around the world.

The type of business were in moves very fast in terms of fashions and parents requirements, explained Rollie. Solutions for Accounting is working with us and is very progressive in suggesting software that we can peg into our system to future proof it as we grow our brand in an ever-changing market place.

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