Act! CRM Training

With our expert training, empower your Act! Users to expand your sales and marketing capabilities.

Our experienced ‘Premier Trainers’ will help your employees use the power of Act! to enrich customer interactions, close more deals and drive revenue growth.

As a leading ‘Diamond Act! Partner’, and ‘Act! Premier Trainer’, our experienced specialist consultants are uniquely recommended by Swiftpage (the authors of Act!) to help organisations like yours derive maximum benefit from Act! CRM.

The extensive experience we have gained in providing consultancy, database configuration and bespoke Act! training services to over 1700 businesses across the UK has established Solutions as the UK’s leading Act! Training provider. 

We work hard to understand the specific needs of both your business and your users, this enables us to then tailor and structure our service delivery to meet these requirements accordingly.  All of our Act! Consultants are certified Act! product specialists.

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Training that works for you

We prefer to train your staff on your own premises, if you can make a dedicated training/meeting room available (we can bring a PC projector and screen if necessary).

Because we typically cover a broad range of features, and we want users to feel comfortable with what they have learned, we include 30 days of post training support with all on-site training sessions. 

Act! Users may call us as often as they like during this period to refresh their knowledge or seek clarification on any Act! related topic.

We will deliver company-specific Act! user & administrator training on your premises to meet with the needs of your business & your staff. Beyond the core features of the system, we offer Act! Marketing Automation training including Email Marketing best practice guidance, template design and product orientation.

To ensure that your training session will have the most positive impact, please take the time to consider its objectives. What (specifically) would you like the training to achieve? For example, objectives might include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Empowering individual users to be more effective during customer interactions
  • Making users more comfortable and confident in their day to day use of Act!
  • Improving the adoption of Act! across your business
  • Setting up the system to support your operational processes efficiently
  • Accurately monitoring Sales Opportunities and Pipeline Forecasts
  • Understanding reporting to effectively manage activity
  • Monitoring KPIs to support management decision making
  • Establishing the most reliable and efficient technical infrastructure for Act!
  • Setting up remote access via Web browser or Mobile Device (online and offline)
  • Helping staff to understand the capabilities of Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) and to implement powerful interactive campaigns that help drive business growth
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Training Sessions Available:

Basic User

Objective: To provide new Act! users with an entry-level understanding of the basic features of the software. On completion of the session, users will be able to navigate successfully around the system and use features appropriate to ‘browse’, ‘restricted’, and ‘standard’ level access.

Content Summary:

  • Introduction to Act! CRM: Screen navigation, menus, icons and tabs