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Upgrade to the latest Act! Version

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Upgrade to the latest Act! Version

Time to upgrade to Act! v20.1? Of course you'll want to take advantage of the new features, but we recognise that the process of upgrading software isn't always fun! As a Diamond Act! Business Partner, we'll work with you to ensure a smooth installation with minimal impact on your business.

Introducing the most adaptable, efficient, connected Act! experience to date.

Act! v20.1 was released in the UK in March 2018. Download an overview or check what's new since your version.

This release continues to make Act! the most adaptable, connected CRM to date for smaller businesses. Your company will benefit from more flexible options for customer support that enhance your subscriber value.

Active members have the opportunity to receive Act! v20.1 features such as next generation Outlook integration, enhancements to Act! Insight and Act! Companion, and customer success resources to help your business grow.

Custom Tables

Custom Tables Manager provides advanced adaptability in order for you to bring complex data, business processes and specialised industry practices together in Act! to manage your business efficiently. You can associate table records to Act! contacts, companies, groups and opportunities for quick and easy reference. You can gain the benefits of CRM by being able to create activities, send follow up emails and engage in informed sales conversations. With everything in place, you can gain complete visibility of what's happening with your business and customers.

Outlook Integration

Extend your connected workspace with next generation Outlook integration for Act!. You can sync your Outlook contacts and calendar with this advanced technology that delivers superior sync performance and duplicate checking. Additional improvements include:

  • Contact and calendar syncing for Outlook and Gmail
  • Email history recording for Outlook

Compatibility Updates

Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange for contact and calendar sync. These supported platforms provide you with additional convenience, flexibility, access options and control.

Act! Support

Gain support for whenever you need it most. Solutions for Accounting support every Act! version from Act! 2000 to the current 'in life' version. We understand that Act! is important to your business and that downtime is at best, inconvenient and at times, intolerable.

We prioritise calls with you so that we understand the urgency of your request for assistance. 86% of issues are resolved within the initial call and 96% of our calls are answered by our Support Team within 10 seconds.

This new release has resolved the following minor issues:

  • Licensing issue for Act! Premium
  • Recurring activity synchronisation corrected
  • Some back-end improvements in preparation for Act! v.21

What is new since your version?

Since your version of Act! there have been product innovations, feature enhancements and compatibility updates introduced. We don't want you to miss out on the latest information, so allow us to update you.

Act! v.17

  • New Outlook sync options
  • Integration with Dropbox
  • Streamlined configuration, deployment, and access options
  • Customisable buttons, notifications, and default history options
  • Easy access to helpful resources

Act! v.18

  • Favourite contacts
  • Act! e-marketing admin features
  • Compatibility with Windows 10, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11
  • Exclusive for Act! Premium Membership:
    • Act! Connect
    • Act! API

Act! v.19

  • 30+ refreshed standard reports
  • Act! e-marketing performance improvements
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016
  • Exclusive for Act! Premium Membership:
    • Act! Companion for Mobile
    • Act! Premium Contact Link
    • eCommerce Connections
    • Act! Connect Link

Act! v.20

  • Next generation Outlook integration
  • Fresh, new look
  • Compatibility with Office 365, Exchange and Chrome for Mac
  • Exclusive for Act! Premium Membership:
    • Custom Tables Manager
    • Industry Templates
    • Act! Insight Dashboards
    • Act! Companion
    • Ask Act! with Amazon Alexa

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