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Upgrade to the latest Act! Version

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Upgrade to the latest Act! Version

Time to upgrade to Act! v20? Of course you’ll want to take advantage of new features, but we recognise that the process of upgrading software isn’t always fun! As a Swiftpage Diamond partner, we’ll work with you to ensure a successful upgrade with minimum negative impact on your business.

Act! v20 was released in the UK on 11th October 2017. Download an overview or check out what’s new since your version.

Act! Insight offers a new interactive and graphical dashboard view

  • Access performance, operational and financial data in a new interactive graphical views.
  • Act! Insights delivers 10 new charts in that provide key visibility of sales metrics and client interactions.
  • Dashboard graphics may be configure to control the appearance of outputs and filters determine exposure of data ranges.
  • Users are able to build their own charts, based on Contact, Opportunity, History or Activity data.

Act! Companion has been updated to extend Act! Insights to the mobile device to bring critical data directly to Act! Users in the mobile environment.

User Interface has been improved with the desktop/laptop view of Act! getting a fresh and modern new look, aligned with the Act! for Web user interface. The main menu and action buttons get a makeover with contemporary new icons and the navigation bar may be switched between black & silver themes.

Compatibility improvements mean that Act! for Web is now compatible with the Chrome™ for Mac browser*.

*Native Office integration functionality in web client not supported with Chrome™ (for Windows or Mac). However, integration with Office for Mac is supported using Act! Premium Contact Link.

Act! emarketing is now embedded into the application so that Users no longer have to leave the Act! interface to manage email marketing campaigns.

Many Usability Improvements include…

The ability to ‘Close’ Opportunities from the List View.
A new Opportunity field called ‘Days in Stage’. This provides insight into how long Opportunities have been at each Stage of the Sales Process, enabling you to introduce process improvement or rapidly identify deals that need attention.
The option to ‘freeze columns’ (Windows client only), improving usability of list views throughout Act! by making it easier to work with larger lists of data.

Ask Act!™ with Amazon Alexa means that it is now possible to interact with Act! via verbal requests using Amazon Alexa. Users may lookup Act! Contact records and access basic data by providing a simple verbal instruction. Alexa provides voice delivery of Act! Calendar and Contact data (such as phone number and email addresses) to those within earshot.

Works with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

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