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See what our clients think of our services

Client Testimonials

We'd be nothing without our customers, thanks to them we have been able to make Solutions a success! Don't just take our word for it, hear directly what our valued clients think of our services...

"I always find Solutions for Accounting very helpful. They had to help me with closing Year End accounts, as I have never done it before. I spoke to a very helpful advisor, William Imrie. He was knowledgeable, patient and talked me through all the process. Many thanks. "

Ramune Adomaitiene, Red Electric Designs Limited

"They never get bogged down in the technicalities, speak in plain English and do the business - I'd strongly recommend them."

Ian Richards, General Federation of Trade Unions

"Excellent support and very knowledgeable. "

Kalpna Vaghela, The Auto Cycle Union Limited

"Solutions know what they are doing, excellent support, always 10/10 and also nice to deal with... Thanks."

Robin Hall, Esheet East Anglia Ltd

"Great service from Michael who understood the problem and patiently worked through our IT system to resolve it quickly and effectively. "

Peter Hill, Wildtrax Electronics

"As soon as we went to Solutions we saw an improvement straight away, their values are the same values we have."

Steven Ayres, Synectics Solutions Ltd

"We've used Solutions over the last 10 years...their knowledge and constant strive to improve and help their clients give us a better solution. "

Nick Kenyon, Numed Healthcare

"As always, Joe was a top guy sorting things with Act! "

Peter Swann, Presstek

"Very quick response times and support received surpassed my expectations. George was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. "

Ian Hindmarch, Pajunk UK Medical Products Limited

"Very quick and efficient service, thank you."

Adam Gassor, Sodi-Tech EDM Limited

"They're a very friendly company, very personable, easy to deal with and they speak our language. "

John Richmond, William West and Sons

"Everyone I dealt with was very professional and friendly. Problem resolved within the day - fast and efficient. Thank you!"

Helen Bristow, DoorTechnik Limited

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