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Nominal Extension

Add-ons to enhance your Sage Accounting solution

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Nominal Extension Module

The Nominal Extensions Module provides the user with additional fields for storing analysis codes and forecast data. Against every nominal account four forecasts can be stored allowing the user to retain the standard Sage 200 budget field as the ‘original budget’.

The analysis fields can be used to assign and analyse values to codes. These are usually used for the purpose of storing secondary report categories against codes e.g. a SOFA code for charities.

It is important to note that the above information, whilst available within the Report Designer, would usually be used within external reports such as Excel spreadsheets.

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Features & Benefits

- Introduces analysis codes to the nominal ledger.

- Allows forecast figures to be entered.

- Additional field against nominal codes to specify variance reporting method.

- Routine for importing nest year’s budget figures.

- Store all budget and forecast data in one location.

- Speed up budget entry.

- Enhance your financial reporting.

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