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Mobile Sales / Proof of Delivery

Business management software that grows with your business

Mobile Sales

More commonly known as Van Sales, the typical user is mobile and distant from the rest of the business and traditionally faxes handwritten order sheets back to head office for processing. This will often lead to out of date information on sales, stock and delay invoicing of orders. There is also the possibility of errors occurring when the orders are manually entered.

With recent advances in Smartphones, pdas and network technology it is now possible to have a mobile sales force utilising 3G/EDGE communication networks, who are in constant contact with the home site and more crucially the core Sage system.

The Datalinx Mobile Ordering & Delivery system utilises the latest in handheld and tablet technology providing the user with remote order taking functionality, cash collection, client management, merchandising and confirmation of product delivery whilst on-site with a client “taking Sage Mobile.”

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Core System Functionality

    Data Collection

    Mobile Network Application

    Delivery Receipting With Signature Records

  • Core System Functionality

    Proof of delivery with signature capture

    Delivery notes printed on demand

    Delivery up-sell

    Placement of new orders

    Returns pickup and process

    Invoicing of complete deliveries

    Payment ‘Cash’ collection

    Data Collection

    Customer name

    Time & date of delivery

    Order details

    Proof of signature


Proof of Delivery

Datalinx Proof of Delivery system utilises the latest in handheld and tablet technology typically used by a delivery van driver providing them with the ability to get a signed confirmation of product delivery, collect and process the return of product and add items to client orders whilst on-site.

With Proof of Delivery Manager you are able to take Sage mobile.

As with all the applications from Datalinx, the Proof of Delivery system has been developed and created to be an integral part of the Sage application and an extension to the central business system.

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