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CustomerSure software makes it simpler to deliver great service to your clients. The software measures customer satisfaction KPIs in real time, helping you to gain valuable customer comments on your products and services. Automating feedback processes means you can focus on improving the customer experience and increasing retention rates and growing sales.

Get feedback at the right time for both your customers and your business, this will save valuable time and allow you to focus on what's important. You can push data from your CRM system into a CustomerSure API to trigger surveys and get expert advice from Customersure on the best way to increase response rates.

CustomerSure pushes for high response rates by encouraging you to keep your questionnaires short and simple by only asking the relevant questions. Sending out a short and concise questionnaire at the right time will help you receive greater feedback from your valued customers, enabling you to know what works and what doesn't within your business, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

You can review ratings at a glance or find individual customer comments with ease. This allows you to uncover minor irritations customers report and helps you to identity service issues in real time.

CustomerSure helps you to capitalise on positive feedback with eye-catching search results that improve your ranking, whilst giving you the opportunity to adjust and learn from negative feedback. This enables you to improve your customer service processes resulting in a greater customer retention rate, raise in spend and clients who are more likely to recommend your services.

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  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Customer satisfaction measurement.

    Trustworthy ratings & reviews on your website.

    Feedback, service and compliant management, integrated with email and your website.

  • Real time satisfaction information so you can be sure every customer is raving (not ranting) about you.

    Reviews on your website attract new customers and increase conversions.

    Fix any problems immediately and retain customers.

    Much easier to manage customer service than email alone.

    Customer insights. Improve by finding out what’s important to customers.

    Improves Google ranking.

Grow your business today...

Why Use Customersure?

Hundreds of small and medium sized businesses use our feedback, reviews, helpdesk and survey software to:

- Find out whats important to customers

- Fix problems and retain customers

- Improve buyer confidence (and Google rankings)

- Simplify customer service

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