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Credit Hound

Want to get paid faster? Credit Hound, advanced credit control software, is designed to help you work more proactively and reduce time-consuming admin whilst helping you to manage disputes, improve cash flow and automate many of your day-to-day credit processes.

Credit Hound features:

  • Dashboard view – see at a glance who owes you money, how much is owed, promised cash and disputes.
  • Payment reminders – sends automated reminders from when payment is almost due and continue right until payment is made.
  • Automated rules and actions – customise rules and set up actions to send letters, place accounts on stop, add To-Do items and much more.
  • Interactive aged debtor list – sort and filter accounts in real-time, so there’s no need to use Excel spreadsheets or print off lists for manual checking.
  • Chase screen – have all the information you need on screen during calls and record notes.
  • To-Do list – keep on top of your chasing calls and see who to call, when and why.
  • Reporting – analyse your credit control efforts and highlight debtor issues with a comprehensive range of reports.
  • Consolidated chasing - allows you to chase and report on accounts at branch or head office level.
  • Dispute management – tracks and records disputed invoices so you can see what payments are delayed, why and how it is being handled.
  • ERP integration – picks up where your accounting system stops, meaning no re-keying of data or manual admin.
  • Quick return on investment – getting paid faster means more available cash for your business.

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Features & Benefits

Credit Hound will automatically send reminder letters and create to-do items to chase late payments.

View accounts in real-time, sort and filter against various field types including custom data fields from your accounting system.

Starting from when a payment is due to when a payment is made, automatic reminders are sent, altering the tone and frequency as required.

You will receive an alert the moment a client’s payment trends start to deteriorate. Stop their credit long before their problems become your problems.

The solution will automatically write reminder letters and send pre-emptive emails, leaving you time to carry on with other business matters, while still staying in touch with your customers.

Dashboards allow you to see your company finances at a glance.

Credit Hound Professional

With Credit Hound Professional you benefit from:

  • Up to 10 users and 20 companies
  • Integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200 Extra
  • Multi currency support
  • Ability to customise reports
  • Customisable screen layouts
  • Customisable Information Panel Groups
  • Customisable Homepage layout
  • Customisable Reference numbers
  • Up to 50 fully customisable letters that can be dispatched at various stages of the credit collection process
  • Improves Credit Control efficiency to help cash flow

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