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Cloud business management software helping SMEs streamline and automate their processes.

Top of the class solutions that can take you wherever you want to go.

In today’s society many people, and therefore businesses, are moving to a cloud first mind set. Having the ability to access services 24/7 on any mobile device, in any location, has revolutionised the way we interact with friends, family, but most importantly customers. We are no longer tied to our desks working countless hours on admin – we are now free to work on the go, connecting and communicating with anyone, anywhere. But does your accounting software really need to be in the cloud, or can your business still thrive without it?

With cloud computing becoming the new normal, there are a multitude of opportunities for expanding business that need 24/7 access and total visibility. The UK is a European leader in this revolution, as according to Eurostat, we are ahead of the EU average for businesses adopting cloud services, by almost 20%.

Cloud systems can transform your business, giving you opportunities to improve your profitability with a decrease in IT costs, reducing tedious manual tasks and the automation of your processes.

Our portfolio is growing, and we now have 3 innovative cloud offerings:

Sage Intacct is considered a ‘visionary’ and a ‘leader’. This accounting solution has been labelled the #1 financial management system for customer satisfaction, according to G2. Make strategic decisions using industry specific dashboards and keep your organisation agile with an open, configurable, cloud accounting solution that lets you easily share data and connect multiple solutions, such as Salesforce, with your financial system.

Sage Intacct helps Finance Managers and CFOs access integrated management and financial reporting across their business entities, focusing on growth and drive. This intuitive solution delivers the automation and controls around billing, accounting and reporting, as well as reducing errors enabling you to stay audit-ready and focus on the more important things like scaling your business.

Salesforce. This leading cloud-based CRM system, can transform the way businesses manage their customer and prospect relationships. Empower your sales and marketing teams with real-time information and use the tools provided to better manage your customer interactions giving you greater visibility over your company activity.

Salesforce enables you to place customer interactions at the heart of your organisation with a comprehensive, customisable view of clients across all business disciplines. Give your teams the power to create a high quality customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

Act! CRM is the world’s leading contact and customer management system for smaller companies, enabling business to drive sales and enhance performance. Not just a CRM, Act! has powerful marketing automation at its heart – Growth Suite. This tool enables you to remove manual processes from the multi-step processes involved in complex marketing campaigns.

With Act! access rich customer information including emails, documents, notes, activities and sales opportunities in one place. Maintain a 360-degree view of your customer relationships by centralising data, and empower your sales teams to access it from anywhere and do better business.

Our Cloud Software Solutions

This true cloud solution provides rich financial and operational insights at the click of button, helping you streamline your workflows, automate your processes and improve your cashflow. Save time, improve accuracy and increase your profitability with Sage Intacct.

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The world’s leading cloud-based CRM system has revolutionised the way businesses manage their relationships with customers and prospects and allows you to track in depth information about your contacts with a real-time overview.

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With powerful Marketing Automation is the flexible CRM 'Growth Suite', trusted by millions worldwide to drive business success. Develop enduring customer relationships, maximise engagement and secure revenue growth.

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Which cloud software solution is right for me?

Sage Intacct:

  • Businesses with £3m - £300m annual turnover
  • 50 - 1000 employees
  • Industry: SaaS & Subscription, Not for Profit, Professional services, Hospitality and Finance
  • Companies already using Salesforce, there is a certified integration between Sage Intacct and Salesforce CRM
  • Businesses wanting to move to a true cloud financial system


  • Collaborating across multiple business disciplines
  • Sharing critical client data throughout the enterprise
  • Driving consistency in business process adherence
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators in real-time
  • Supporting distributed and mobile workforces
  • Eliminating dependency upon local IT infrastructure
  • Integrating key business systems
  • Providing real-time visibility of business performance
  • Businesses wanting a true cloud customer management system

Act! CRM:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses looking to grow and expand
  • Organising customer information in one central location
  • Tracking and prioritising sales opportunities
  • Access anywhere, on any device with an internet connection
  • Easy deployment and an intuitive User interface
  • Managing day to day tasks and calendars
  • Automating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Gaining access to real-time metrics with interactive dashboards
Solutions for Accounting and CRM are dedicated to the transition to the cloud, having changed our email domain to ‘@solutionscloud.uk’ you can see where our focus lies. On top of this we are thrilled to be named Sage’s ‘SaaS Partner of the Year’ in addition to being a Sage Platinum Partner!

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