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Pack Bench - Add On Module

Pack Bench expands the capability of the Datalinx Warehouse Manager application to provide users wishing to reduce errors at the packing and dispatching point. It allows items that are on Sales Orders generated using Sage 200 to be scanned through the touch screen terminals. This ensures that the items being dispatched are correct and as per the Sales Order, reducing the amount of shipping errors.

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The Datalinx Pack Bench module allows the packing of different types of stock, for example non-traceable stock, batch and serial traceable items. The type of product that is scanned will dictate the additional elements of data captured and checked.

Users are able to unpack and repack boxes to increase the amount of stock that can be fitted into each box. Dispatch notes and packing reports can automatically be produced for every order. The module is compatible with GS1-128 coding standards allowing for the extraction of the data elements, keeping scans to a minimum.


It is designed to be operated via a number of touch screen user interfaces and drive local printers on the pack bench. This means that efficient packing work stations can be set up and deployed within the business.

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Sales Order Packing

  • Allows the recording of what item is packed in which box
  • Completed on a ’box at a time’ basis using the handheld scanner
  • Datalinx Packing Management Screens within Sage 200 WHM 200 suite
  • Sales Order Packing reports can be customised or amended

This is an effective module that will provide your company with the ability to pack products into one or more cartons and manifest the contents into specialised Datalinx packing reports to accompany the Sage Dispatch Note.

This gives your company huge benefits of being able to have:

  • 100% accuracy while packing
  • The ability to double check picked products prior to dispatch
  • A reduction in business costs, such as reducing the number of returns due to mis pick errors.

This process can be carried out via a handheld device or when using the Datalinx WHM for Sage 200 Pack Bench module.

Warehouse Manager 200 has lots of impressive functionalities; including batch and serial number traceability, Dynamic Stocktake, Stock Transfers and Warehouse Operations to name but a few as well as Sales Order Packing.

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Dynamic Stock Taking

    • Warehouse continues to trade
    • Custom stock take cards
    • Blind counts

Sales Order Picking

    • Picking guided by priority
    • Pick by physical properties
    • Unique 'pick & hold' facility

Goods Receipt

    • Purchase orders
    • Batch numbers / BFF dates
    • Custom product labels

Transfers & Warehouse Operations

    • Bin-to-bin / location to location
    • Batch / serial number traceability
    • Product code across multiple references

Standard Stock Take

    • Perpetual stock take
    • Reconciliations

Advanced Printing & Labelling

    • Printing of labels
    • Easy custom designs
    • Bartender interface
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