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Retail Management Software

Retail software to help you grow your business

Direct integration with Sage

CounterPoint integrates directly with Sage 50 and Sage 200, and is used in various retail and hospitality environments with a wide range of features. Enabling you to deliver flexible retail demands and an enhanced customer experience that can run on desktop or mobile terminals. All stock is held and managed within the accounting programme, whilst CounterPoint manages the tills and delivers sales tools to improve customer service and increase sales.


Additional Information

CounterPoint integrates with VeriFone VX820 (from SagePay) for integrated card processing, contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Who can use CounterPoint?

Any retailer who already uses Sage can simply bolt CounterPoint POS solution onto their existing accounts software. This solution is user friendly with hundreds of shops and staff members relying on CounterPoint.

One complete EPoS Solution

We offer a complete end-to-end EPoS solution from initial consultancy through to software, hardware, installation, training and support. The solution will manage your entire business operation more efficiently to provide you with better insights into costs and margins.

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Features & Benefits

Sage POS enables you to sell stock or services via a fast touch-screen interface.

Ability to take payments through various forms: on account, charger on tab, integrated card processing, contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Ability to handle multiple barcodes.

Attractive and adaptable touch-screen gives focused, easy-to-use functionality that is able to adapt to your needs.

Why Solutions?

Our expert team will help you understand how CounterPoint can be configured to support your business effectively. We help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation and installation through to supporting your software and your business once you are up and running.

We provide full product training to help your users get the most out of the software and to become more effective in their engagements with your customers.

Our team can help you transform the way you do business, freeing up the valuable time you need to focus on achieving your business goals. To find out how CounterPoint can give you complete control over your business, call us today on 0115 824 6386 or email enquiries@solutionsforaccounting.co.uk.

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