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Panintelligence for Sage 50

A powerful business intelligence and analytics solution.

Pi for Sage 50 is a pre-configured dashboard for Sage 50 Accounts that can be accessed securely through any modern browser and device (including tablet and mobile). It turns complex Sage data into easy-to-read charts and graphs to allow users to easily gain business insights and inform future decisions. All users can access the information they need, while data relating to other teams can be locked back to control what users can and can't see, and can and can't do.

Pi for Sage 50 comes with a library of 125 pre-built charts to build reports from, or users can create something new with no technical expertise.

Among the reports that come out-of-the-box with Pi for Sage 50 are: outstanding debtors and creditors, top customers, top products by revenue or unites, and sales year on year.

Users can drill into any chart to see the underlying data. For example, users can view customer balances and drill down into data relating to any one customer, to see their customer balance over time. Users can even drill down further to see the individual invoices and transactions.

How is Pi for Sage different to Excel reporting?

When a business grows, they often outgrow Excel as a reporting tool. Multiple teams are often required to create reports, which means that time and resource throughout a company is often devoted to this.

It becomes more time-consuming to build reports in Excel as businesses grow. The more data you have, the more potential there is for error. This could be as simple as human error, a broken formula, a security concern, or incorrect data.

When a business moves to scalable dashboard software, the margin for error is removed. Everyone looks at the same live data and can self-serve their own reports with ease.

The beauty of Panintelligence for Sage 50 is that users can simply buy it off the shelf and begin using it straight away. Everything is done through the user interface, and therefore users can create reports with no technical expertise. And once a report is built, it always exists in the library, so users will never have to build the same report twice.

Pi for Sage 50 empowers users to unlock the potential of their data. They can quickly access up-to-date, business-critical information and make trusted decisions off the back of it.

  • Schedule and automate reports
  • Maintain company-wide secure access to data
  • Export data to PDF or Excel
  • Data visualisation helps to identify opportunities and issues
  • Why use Pi for Sage 50?

    Panintelligence for Sage 50 relieves many common pain points around reporting and can really make reporting on Sage 50 data as easy and accessible as it should be.

    • Does your data easily become out of date?
    • Do you find that reports from different teams don’t always correlate?
    • Do you struggle to get one overall view of business performance?
    • Are you spending too long reporting, thus stopping you from doing other tasks?
    • Do you struggle to access data when working remotely?
    • Are you unable to self-serve data and reports?
    • Do you struggle to spot opportunities or issues as soon as they occur?
    • Are your reports prone to human error and broken formulas?
    • Can you easily lock back data securely and audit user access?
    • Can you easily report on multiple data sources?

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