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Dashboards for Sage

The Pi Dashboard is fully browser-based, and allows users to present their data in visually-appealing charts and graphs, which is all done through an easy-to-use user interface.

Panintelligence for Sage provides a top down view of your data allowing you to make proactive, timely and informed business decisions to improve performance. Pi offers genuine insight to business users and front line staff and promotes collaboration across your business.

Pi Dashboards for Sage come with an initial set of standard charts and tables for the Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock, Project Accounting and Nominals. Users can create as many additional charts as required.

View Sage and third party data in one place.

Organise a demonstration, request a quotation or find out more about how the Pi Dashboard can allow you to make informed business decisions.

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Pi Reporting & Analytics

In the age of information, businesses need to be able to trust the information they're viewing. Therefore, the data displayed must be in real-time and users must be able to easily highlight the data that's most important to them.

Many businesses default to reporting in Excel, which has its limitations. The process of producing reports swallows time and energy, and confusion and duplication can arise. Panintelligence's Pi for Sage offers one view of the truth, with controlled user access, allowing users to trust the data they're viewing.

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Going above the visualisation of data in charts and graphs, the software can also connect to multiple data sources, monitor KPIs, and offers a 360-view of the business to make reporting easier.

Pi for Sage is a pre-configured, off-the-shelf dashboard solution that allows end users to simply buy it, not deploy it. Data is presented in an easy-to-read format, and the HTML application works across multiple devices, empowering users to access their data when working in the field. Drill down into underlying data at the click of a button, and quickly access up-to-date, critical information required when making informed decisions.

  • Export to Excel or PDF
  • Fully GDPR-ready and secure
  • Identify opportunities by easily spotting trends in data
  • Schedule reports via email

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Why Pi for Sage 200?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to some of the questions below then Panintelligence for Sage 200 may be the ideal solution to relieve some of your current pain points:

  • Is it a laborious process to gain visibility of key financials and metrics to manage your business better?
  • Are you struggling to spot problems such as overdue invoices, impending stock issues and debtors?
  • Do you have difficulty spotting cross-selling opportunities, viewing frequency of orders and order history?
  • Is reporting across multiple databases to see a complete picture a complicated task?
  • Do you have a disjointed view of your business, with no alignment to the timing of reports?
  • Are spending a lot of time producing reports in Excel?
  • Are you drowning in data with the need to report by exception and easily identify the successes as well as problems within the information?
  • Are you experiencing data integrity issues such as inaccurate data that is not updated in real-time?
  • Are you forced to wait for others to produce reports, with little to no ability to self-serve?
  • Do you spend more time producing reports instead of analysing and taking action?
  • Are you unable to access data remotely for more efficient decision making?

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Features & Benefits

KPI tracking and automated alerts

Drill down into the underlying data

Can be used with any SQL database

Easy to use and install

Track individual, team and corporate goals

Schedule email reports

Copy and paste data to Excel

Full access control to all users

Why Solutions?

Our expert team will help you understand how Pi for Sage can be configured to support your business effectively. We help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation and installation through to supporting your software and your business once you are up and running.

We provide full product training to help your users get the most out of the software and to become more effective in their engagements with your customers.

Our team can help you transform the way you do business, freeing up the valuable time you need to focus on achieving your business goals. To find out how Pi for Sage can give you complete control over your business, call us today on 0115 824 6386 or email enquiries@solutionsforaccounting.co.uk.

Panintelligence for Sage 50 & Sage 200

Panintelligence for Sage 50:

Pi for Sage 50 is a pre-configured dashboard for Sage 50 Accounts that can be accessed securely through any modern browser and device (including tablet and mobile).

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Panintelligence for Sage 200:

Panintelligence for Sage 200 is a business intelligence and analytics dashboard which is pre-configured for Sage 200 and proven to give you the quickest return on investment.

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