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Act! Pro is perfect for individuals or small teams of up to 5 users. It enables you to get organised by providing a complete view of your customer contact information, a history of past interactions, schedule/calendar of future activities, and details of sales opportunities.

Call us on 0115 840 5075 or email enquiries@solutionsforaccounting.co.uk to arrange a demonstration, check latest pricing or to request a free trial download.

Why Act! Pro?

Gain detailed information about your customers and contacts- with Act! Pro you can drill down into specific details about your business relationships. Up to date information regarding contacts, customer notes, calendars and history is at your fingertips.

Maximise efficiency- Act! allows you to Monitor scheduled/diarised activities and associate them with your contacts for a more complete view of the development of customer relationships.

Seamlessly integrate with the tools you rely upon everyday- Act! CRM is able to integrate seamlessly with a range of productivity and social media tools including Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word & Excel), Google suite (Gmail, Contacts & Calendar), Facebook and LinkedIn.

System Requirements

Act! v20 Pro

Act! v19 Pro

Grow your business today...

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