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Act! Premium

Instant online access in a modern, secure Cloud environment

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Act! CRM Premium is designed for teams of up to 100 users. It enables you to get organised by providing a complete view of your customer contact information, a history of past interactions, schedule/calendar of future activities, and details of sales opportunities.

Record and manage in-depth knowledge about your customers and contacts so that your customer-facing teams are fully informed and empowered to maximise the potential of every every interaction. Web and mobile deployment options mean that your Users may easily access and edit rich customer information from anywhere.

Act! Premium provides…

  • Sales opportunity, contact & company relationship management
  • Calendar & activity management
  • Extensive searching and grouping of customer data to support marketing activity and reporting
  • Access to client information on all internet enabled devices including smartphones and tablets
  • Granular security control enabling you to restrict access to records and data fields by User or team of users
  • Team dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • A ‘Web API’ enabling simple integration between Act! and a broad range of third party products and services
  • Server management features including scheduled services for backup and maintenance, and supporting synchronisation with remote databases

System Requirements

Act! v20 Premium

Act! v19 Premium

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Track meetings and activities associated with your contacts to stay productive.

    Have quick, organised access to personalised customer details to make every interaction count.

    Send and track email campaigns that drive sales with integrated email marketing.

  • Get alerts that keep you on top of your customer commitments.

    Put similar contacts into organised groups and companies to deliver targeted communications.

    Gain total visibilty and control of your sales pipline.

Grow your business today...

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