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Act! eMarketing

CRM solutions for complete customer insight

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The Act! eMarketing tool incorporates interactive response tracking (open and click-through statistics), opt-out supression (to ensure you comply with legal regulations), spam filter control to boost deliverability and comprehensive reporting that feeds back into your Act! database.

Act! eMarketing enables you to upload and design your own email templates as well as adapt built-in graphical html email templates. This means you can produce professional communications in-house, without the need for external expertise.

At Solutions for Accounting and CRM, we’re Act! eMarketing experts. We have a detailed understanding of how the technology platform works, and we can also offer support and guidance on email marketing ‘best practices’ to help you make eMarketing really effective in your business.

Grow your business today

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Why eMarketing?

The advantages of eMarketing are many. They include the ability to distribute targeted information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively low cost. Compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters, email marketing is much less expensive and an exact return on investment can be tracked.

The most exciting aspect of eMarketing however, is that it enables you to build valuable trust relationships with your clients and target contacts. By making communications interactive, you can place the customer at the heart of your business and reveal opportunities to harvest greater revenues both directly and indirectly as a result of this enhanced relationship.

Solutions for Accounting and CRM training in eMarketing best practice covers all aspects of planning, designing, running and measuring an email marketing campaign and also introduces low cost tools and methods to help get you started. Delegates will leave the workshop with an action plan that allows them to deliver their first campaign.

A typical eMarketing training assignment includes:

Using the right data: How to acquire/source the best email addresses to target.

How to build good ‘creative’: How to structure the email message for maximum positive impact

Calls to action: How to create a clear, concise ‘call to action’ that invokes a response.

Creating powerful templates: Using the Act! emarketing template editor to build impactful email creative (it’s a lot easier than you think).

Landing pages: The importance of landing pages on your website.
How to measure performance: Email open rates, opt-outs, clickable-links – what does it all mean.

Get the timing right: Learn how to establish the best time for broadcast.

Email marketing and the law: How to comply with anti-spam laws and protect your integrity.

Grow your business today

Enquire about this product

Why Solutions?

Our expert team will help you understand how Act! eMarketing can be configured to support your business effectively. We help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation and installation through to supporting your software and your business once you are up and running.

We provide full product training to help your users get the most out of the software and to become more effective in their engagements with your customers.

Our team can help you transform the way you do business, freeing up the valuable time you need to focus on achieving your business goals. To find out how Act! eMarketing can give you complete control over your accounting, call us today on 0115 697 1380 or email enquiries@solutionsforaccounting.co.uk.

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