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Act! CRM Services

CRM solutions for complete customer insight

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Act! CRM Services

Solutions have been delivering Act! CRM for over 25 years now, and we've implemented Act! in more than 1,300 UK businesses!

As a leading 'Diamond Act! Partner', and 'Act! Premier Trainer', our experienced specialist consultants are uniquely recommended by Swiftpage (the authors of Act!) to help organisations derive maximum benefit from CRM.

Solutions for Accounting and CRM has extensive experience in providing consulting services, database configuration and bespoke Act! training to businesses across the UK.

We work hard to understand the specific needs of your business and then we tailor our service delivery to meet your requirements so that your team can gain maximum benefits from the system. Our Act! trainers are all certified Act! product specialists.

Solutions for Accounting and CRM are also accredited as an ‘Act! Premier Trainer’. This means that we have proven our capability to provide a high quality training service and Swiftpage themselves, as authors of the Act! application, have seen fit to endorse our services with their recommendation.

Act! Premier Trainer

As an Act! Premier Trainer, we are able to draw upon considerable training materials provided by Swiftpage themselves. As a consequence, we can provide you with up-to-date workshop materials that reflect the current Act! product, covering all features of the local application together with Act! Premium for Web and Act! Premium Mobile.

Act! Implementation Services

To reap maximum benefits from Act!, it is critical that the software is installed correctly. Your chosen solution should be configured to support your business processes and users need to receive the necessary training.

Our team of certified consultants are on hand to review your network and hardware infrastructure before advising on the best deployment method. We are able to implement an office based solution, a Web based solution or widely distributed synchronising solution depending on your remote worker requirements.

Solutions for Accounting and CRM offer implementation services that include:

  • Software installations on individual workstations
  • Configuration of servers
  • Creation of databases
  • Setting up integration for Microsoft Office and Sage Accounts
  • Importing existing data and security level settings

Act! Database Configuration

Act! delivers the most value when it is configured to suit your specific business and internal processes. There are a plethora of customisation options available with Act! including creating new tabs or fields for data entry, adding or removing menu bars, customising sales processes and drafting bespoke Act! reports to name a few.

Grow your business today...


Our certified Act! support technicians – backed by Switpage’s technical support team – are at your disposal to resolve any technical software issues you encounter and to advise on system features and functions. We want to make certain that Act! is adding maximum value to your business. Learn more about our Act! CRM support services and packages.

Solutions Act! Support

Unlimited Act! support including:

Telephone Help Line: Direct access to our Act! specialists. Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:30.

Email Support: Email your enquiries and expect a response within 4 hours.

Online Remote Access support: Our technicians can ‘call in’ to your workstation and assess the problem you are experiencing first hand.

Bespoke Act! Support Packages

In some circumstances, it is appropriate to structure a bespoke support package according to the needs of our client. Where appropriate, we are happy to create Act! Support packages to meet your specific requirement in order to ensure that your Act! CRM system delivers maximum value to your organisation.

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