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Act! CRM Mobile

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Act! CRM Mobile

Access to critical business information in real-time is essential in the modern CRM age. There are numerous options for synchronising Act! data with your hand held devices, which provide practical and reliable solutions for mobile users.

Act! Premium Mobile

Act! Premium mobile is provided at no additional cost for Act! Premium users. With Act! Premium for Web (or our Act! Hosted services) the new html5 browser interface adjusts your Act! layout to suit your smartphone or tablet. The screen presentations are simple and intuitive with powerful search functionality, making your Act! database user-friendly from wherever you choose to access your data.

This solution is ideal for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users that have stable 3G/4G or WiFi connection. However, there is no offline access to your data with this solution so if you plan to work remotely in an area where network connectivity cannot be guaranteed, Handheld Contact (below) provides offline access to your data.

Grow your business today...

Act! Companion

Act! Companion is a native mobile application that is available for Android and iOS devices. Users receive push notifications that show up on your home screen to help you stay on top of due tasks. You also receive notifications for upcoming Activities, email or call within Act! and easily capture meeting Notes.

Act! Handheld Contact Professional is a subscription service charged at £60 per user, per device, per year. It supports iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. HandHeld Contact Professional includes a third party app that stores your Act! database independently from your PIM* apps to prevent duplication.

*PIM stands for Personal Information Manager. It refers to the default Contact and Calendar apps that your device comes with. If you synchronise Outlook with your handheld on top of synchronising PIM apps with Act! data this can lead to duplication within Act!

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