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Salesforce and Sage 200 Synchronisation

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Salesforce and Sage 200 Synchronisation

Do you have Salesforce Sales Cloud and Sage 200 or are thinking about implementing the two systems within your business?

Imagine how much easier it would be if your two solutions were synchronised, eliminating the need to switch between systems to check stock, order history or contact details?

Our team of in-house Sage developers have created a bespoke synchronisation between these two leading solutions, helping to transform your business processes.

Synchronisation from Salesforce to Sage 200:

Accounts created in Salesforce can be synchronised to Sage 200 as either customers or suppliers.

Contacts created against synchronised accounts will be added to Sage 200 customers/ suppliers. This includes details of phone numbers, email address etc.

Orders created in Salesforce can be transferred to Sage 200 for sales order processing. This includes details of product, warehouse, quantities, prices etc.

Synchronisation from Sage 200 to Salesforce:

Customer and Supplier data can be written back to Salesforce for any linked account. This data can consist of analysis codes, credit limit, turnover, plus many other Sage 200 account fields.

Products - Stock items created in Sage 200 are uploaded to Salesforce. These products are then available for use when creating quotes and orders within Salesforce.

Price Book - All price bands and prices for products are uploaded to Salesforce. This includes foreign currency prices and details of standard price bank links.

Stock balances - Warehouse stock information is uploaded to Salesforce for linked products. This includes the warehouses that are linked to the product and the balances within the warehouse (free stock, on order quantity etc).

Sales Orders – Sales orders in Sage 200 are automatically synchronised back to Salesforce to a new Sage orders object– this can include sales orders created prior to integrating the systems. Users can track buying trends over time; view previously ordered products, quantities and prices and more!

Field Mapping - For each area of the integration you are able to map fields between Sage 200 and Salesforce – this includes the custom fields in Salesforce and analysis codes in Sage 200, to support your bespoke customisations. Criteria can be utilised for the synchronisation of data – such as only creating/synchronising Sage 200 customers with Salesforce accounts, if the Salesforce account has a Type of “Customer”.

The screenshot below shows an example of the mapping form.

Synchronisation Schedule - The routine run is based upon a schedule which can be set to run during office hours on any frequency you wish, e.g. every 5 minutes.

As Users can see stock and order history, they may no longer need a Sage 200 User licence (or vice versa).

*Our integration requires one Sage 200 web User and one Sales Cloud User.

Build Salesforce reports and dashboards based on the data synchronised from Sage 200, making it easy to visualise trends and identify gaps.

Features & Benefits

No switching between software to check:

● Stock
● Order history
● Contact details

No double entry of:

● Contact details
● Company details
● Orders

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