The small business guide to cloud software

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With cloud software becoming more popular, the market is inundated with options which makes the task of finding the perfect solution for your business confusing and stressful. At Solutions, our experts have the accreditations and expertise to support you in finding the right solution for your business. Allow us to alleviate the pressure and help you to relax, knowing you are in good hands.

Cloud systems can transform your business, giving you opportunities to improve your processes with a more automated and streamlined approach. Save money on IT costs due to the lack of infrastructure needed and therefore the lack of personnel to maintain it. The reduction in manual tasks and the improvement in automation saves valuable time that would have previously been spent inputting and checking data. Cloud software has become the key to growth and success for many forward-thinking businesses.

A significant number of UK businesses are moving to a cloud-first mindset. They can now access services 24/7 on any mobile device, revolutionising the way they interact with colleagues and customers. With the development of the cloud we are no longer tied to our desks working countless hours on admin – we are free to work on the go, connecting and communicating with existing and prospective clients, enabling first-class service.

The benefits of moving to the cloud

We understand that as a small business you need to be able to work from any location allowing you to complete tasks from home, on-the-go, or in the office. With cloud software you can access everything from your smartphone, tablet or laptop allowing multiple users to view real time information at the same time and always stay connected

With cloud software, your systems require no installation or maintenance, allowing you spend more time (and money) focusing on revenue-generating activities.

There is the integration with other best-of-breed solutions, enabling you to run a network of leading systems ensuring your business processes are supported by the best.

Reduce IT costs
Moving to cloud computing can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than buying expensive infrastructure you can reduce costs by using the resources of the cloud.

Best of breed cloud offerings:

Salesforce is no doubt the leader in the CRM market with its highly customisable features, limitless integration opportunities, apps and add-ons, as well as regular updates and innovations. Known as the world’s #1 cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has revolutionised the way businesses manage their relationships with customers, prospects and partners from one unified platform.

Contrary to popular belief Salesforce is small business friendly. This cloud solution doesn’t require a server, so you don’t need dedicated staff to support the IT infrastructure, saving on overheads. With Salesforce you can run your entire business on your smartphone and communicate with prospective, existing and returning customers, consequently improving client satisfaction.

Salesforce offers small businesses the power and functionality of an enterprise level CRM in a package that can grow alongside your company. It helps SMEs transform into vibrant, rapidly growing businesses – you don’t have to be a large company to benefit from this innovative CRM solution.

Features & benefits:

Easy to use, scalable customer management – always know exactly what stage you’re up to with your existing and prospective customers, the direction you need to move in to keep them satisfied, and the obstacles you need to avoid to close deals.

Effective selling – Salesforce allows you to learn from every outcome enabling room for improvement on your sales strategy. Collate and analyse the data Salesforce stores, allowing you to continually progress and drive your activities towards success.

Improved customer service – As a start-up or small business, maintaining a high level of customer service can be a challenge. With the power of the cloud you can connect Salesforce with other cloud-based services, such as gaining a thorough and comprehensive overview of customer and prospect activity on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As well as directly responding on these platforms, you can use these insights to predict future trends and patterns in addition to delivering customer service directly through social media, creating a smoother experience.

Flexible growth – Salesforce provides scalability and flexibility, with extra apps and features you can bolt on when you need them. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, everyone in your business has up-to-date customer information at their fingertips.

Our ‘Quick Start’ package – is designed to get you up and running in just a few weeks by helping your business embrace core Sales Cloud features such as leads, campaigns and opportunities.

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Act! CRM
Act! CRM has 4 million users worldwide and is the world’s leading contact and customer management system for smaller businesses. Act! CRM allows you to organise all your customer information in one central location and can be accessed on demand by customer-facing staff. This solution gives you the flexibility to choose the platform that works best for your business and can be hosted in the cloud, giving you secure access to vital business data anywhere, at any time.

Adaptable – Act! CRM works with you, giving you a variety of database configuration options, from lightly personalised, to completely customised.

Connected – Act! CRM keeps you connected to popular business apps like Outlook and Google helping you run a more efficient business.

Everywhere – Act! CRM is accessible everywhere on the go, enabling you to be productive from wherever you work whether that be in the office, at home or on the road.


  • Rich customer management
  • Dynamic sales pipeline management
  • Actionable business insights
  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Tracking

Features & Benefits:

Build meaningful relationships by using email marketing and contact management features to drive sales forwards and enhance business performance.

Fuel business growth with the ability to manage all your opportunities and keep your deals moving in the right direction with unique sales process automation.

Stay productive by tracking and prioritising meetings or activities associated with your contacts and benefit from alerts that keep you up-to-date with your customer commitments.

Real Time Metrics
Gain a clear overview of real-time metrics covering sales productivity and performance, sales pipelines, top performing products and so much more.

Focus on the most important leads with prioritised Call Lists, allowing you to contact customers who are most interested in your services.

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Sage Intacct
Sage Intacct helps CFOs and finance professionals access integrated management and financial reporting across their business entities in just a few clicks, enabling you to successfully grow and drive your business. This financial management solution delivers the automation and controls around billing, accounting and reporting that finance needs to reduce errors, stay audit-ready and scale the business.

With the detailed insights and impressive accounting capabilities Sage Intacct could be mistaken as a solution for a larger company however, Sage Intacct is for SMEs with annual turnovers ranging from £3 million – £300 million. Sage Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction score for both accounting software and ERP Suites according to the business software review platform, G2. There is so much flexibility with Sage Intacct, whether you have 1 or 1000 employees the true-cloud system could bring you success.

By providing rich financial and operational insights, Sage Intacct can help your business grow with ease. This leading accounting and financial management system allows you to reduce the period end close time by almost 80%, helping you focus on what’s really important.

Features & benefits:

Core Financials
Automate complex processes and multi-dimensional data analysis which helps you to save both money and time, subsequently improving your cash flow. Removing tedious manual admin tasks can improve the moral of your team while reducing the amount of paper wasted – improving your carbon footprint.

Dashboards and Reporting
Intuitive dashboards provide fast, yet rich, financial and operational performances.

Smart solutions automate complex revenue and billing processes.

Budgeting and Planning
Powerful planning and budgeting that’s easy to deploy and use.

Built-in tools for growth that integrate with Salesforce, and other intuitive solutions.

Advanced Functionality
Flexible additional modules for total financial management.

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Not sure you’re ready to take the leap to our true cloud products?

Our cloud-connected offerings:

Sage 200cloud
Despite the name, Sage 200 is not a true cloud product. With the power of desktop and the integration with Microsoft Office 365 it has cloud-connected features whilst still being an on premise product.

Sage 200 can be customised to fit your business needs by managing stock, projects, CRM, payments and your manufacturing processes as well as the ability to connect with third party apps and be supported by our award-winning Sage Support Technicians.

Sage 200 is ideal for:

  • Businesses with £2M-£100M annual turnover, or 50-250 employees
  • The following industries: Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution, Retail and Independent Schools.
  • Batch and serial number traceability
  • Project management
  • Managing stock

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Sage 50cloud Accounts
Sage 50cloud is similarly ‘cloud connected’ through its integration with Microsoft Office 365. It is much easier to effectively maintain communication with your colleagues and clients. Furthermore, you have the peace of mind that everything is securely backed up with up to 1TB of cloud storage per user.

Sage 50 is ideal for…

  • Small to medium businesses who need up to 20 users
  • Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, Construction
  • Tracking income, expenses and profit
  • Inventory management
  • Cash flow management

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Why Solutions?

At Solutions, our aim is to help our clients to become more automated and streamline their business processes, freeing up their time to focus on what’s more important.
Solutions are a leading provider for best-in-class cloud solutions in the UK with an award-winning team. Whether it is our support team, developers or account managers, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible service. Our experts will help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation and installation through to supporting your software and your business once you are up and running.

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