Solutions for Accounting and CRM are the Act! Software UK ‘SaaS partner of the year’

Nottingham, November 11th 2020: Act! Software UK has named Solutions for Accounting and CRM as its ‘SaaS partner of the year’, recognising the company’s determined commitment to stimulating the adoption of cloud hosted CRM among its extensive Act! client base whilst also driving new customer acquisition.

Across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East & Africa), Solutions achieved ambitious subscription growth with Act! Premium Cloud revenues whilst also positioning for the recent launch of the new Act! SaaS solution.

Act! SaaS uses the latest multi-tenanted server technology with a single sign-on architecture, performance uplift and interface remodelling to position the Act! brand for stellar growth through 2021 and beyond.

It’s no secret that Covid has caused thousands of UK organisations to restructure working practices with mass migration from centralised offices to spare bedrooms across the country. This has accelerated the demand for anywhere-access to key corporate data in real time and propelled the exploration of cloud hosted business management systems to the top of the list of priorities for UK companies.

Aspirant business leaders want to respond positively and purposefully to the new vocational, commercial, and competitive environments. They want to face the challenges that Covid has presented head-on and recognise and embrace the opportunities that the new economy has also undeniably created.

Solutions for Accounting and CRM look forward to working even more closely with Act! through 2021, and to discover new ways in which to strengthen its value proposition around the Act! SaaS solution with its powerful integrated marketing automation and enhanced connectivity.

Enabling value-based interactions with prospects and customers that lead to profitable enduring relationships is where Act! SaaS makes its contribution, and UK businesses need those things now more than ever before.

Our Accreditations

Sage Gold Developer Partner
Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner
Act Diamond Certified Consultant
Sage Platinum Partner