Solutions awarded ‘SaaS Partner of the Year’ by Sage!

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Hammersmith, London, 22nd October 2019: Solutions for Accounting and CRM celebrated as FTSE 100 tech giant Sage’s ‘SaaS Partner of the Year.’

UK companies invested upwards of £40bn in SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions last year; compelling evidence that the appetite for subscription and hosted business technology is accelerating. As the largest listed tech company in the UK, Sage praises partners who have taken the lead in helping client organisations recognise the benefits of the SaaS revolution.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model is one that has significantly gained pace in the last few years and has started to become the norm. In a world that was used to on-premise software solutions and outright purchase, the SaaS model has faced some resistance. This is where, at Solutions, we have felt it’s our duty to educate our clients and highlight the benefits it can bring to their companies.

Why SaaS?

The Software as a Service model relieves technology-adopting businesses of the burden of large upfront costs, inviting them to embrace transformational systems on a monthly or annual subscription basis. This model makes new technology more broadly accessible to a wider market.

The ‘perpetual licence’ model which preceded SaaS, would typically require an upgrade, resulting in a large upfront cost every few years in order to keep pace with new developments; and in the case of business software, ensuring compatibility with complementary technologies.

The SaaS model requires the user-organisation to merely ‘rent’ the software over a period of time, rather than ‘own’ it. An implication that the vendor is obliged to provide the customer with the most current product release for the duration of their contract.

There is a misconception that SaaS software is dearer than on-premise. The subscription cost of the solution covers the cost of the software itself and associated ongoing costs, eliminating the charge for server maintenance, over heads and additional expenses for upgrades, making it a more cost effective solution overall – not to mention the ROI as a result of automating and streamlining your services.

SaaS benefits

The deployment cycle of a SaaS business management system is reduced to scoping, configuration, integration and user-training. This provides reduced time-to-benefit which helps drive a faster return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

Hosted solutions provide organisations with scalability, agility and freedom to respond to the demands, and opportunities, of the modern competitive business environment.

As a supplier we believe it’s our duty to myth-bust and clarify any of your reservations about SaaS.

(Left: Sabby Gill, MD of Sage UK&I, Iain Barker, MD at Solutions, Bethan Wright, Marketing Manager at Solutions, Lee Pearsall, Account Manager at Solutions, Sentley Wilson, Account Manager at Solutions & Cally Beaton, Comedian)

Now…back to the award…

Sage FY20 Kick off event, 22nd and 23rd October 2019 at Novotel London West Hammersmith, Sabby Gill, Sage UK&I Managing Director, hosted an event for key colleagues and partners to reflect on the achievements of the 2019 financial year and position growth for FY 2020.

Wanting to recognise and praise some Sage employees and Partners, there was a celebration dinner in the evening where the award to Solutions was unveiled, highlighting the importance of collaborative working to a single shared goal – enduring customer satisfaction!

We were thrilled to be recognised for our commitment and dedication to the SaaS model and for educating and supporting our customers on their journey.

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