Sage 50…Better than ever!

It has been hailed as the best Sage software release in 10 years, making managing your business much easier. It’s straightforward, uncluttered and easily customisable. Plus, it boasts a radically simplified user interface too.

Therefore, it’s with great excitement that we’re now able to offer you the new Sage 50 Accounts, as part of Solutions for Accountings continued commitment to providing the best products to improve productivity and efficiency in the businesses we work with.

Changes to the product have been made in direct response to feedback from customers, with the new interface allowing easy navigation between ledgers, and simplified options included for controlling access rights within the software. In addition, Sage 50 Accounts carries out automated back-up routines and gives users the option to hide redundant records.

As a top 10 Sage business partner, Solutions for Accounting regularly hosts free seminars demonstrating the product and showing how, with our specialist support, it could significantly improve the way your business works.

What’s new in Sage 50 Accounts 2015…

Here, we take an in-depth look at the new product features – and what they can do for your business.

New user interface

The new version of Sage 50 Accounts allows you to see all of the tasks in each ledger in one place – regardless of your window size. This is possible thanks to a new dynamic toolbar and, coupled with a navigation pane on the left which gives one-click access to all ledgers, means the user interface is now simple and far more user friendly. Easily customisable, the update will make managing your accounts in Sage 50 easier.

Back-up Manager

Creating regular back-ups of your data is good practice and protects its integrity. Until now, creating back-ups has been a manual routine but the new Sage 50 Accounts has a back-up manager which allows you to:

  • Schedule regular unattended check data and back-up routines
  • Check your data and back-up while users are still logged in to the software
  • Manage back-ups for all companies through a single console

Inactive accounts

If you have customers, suppliers or products that you no loner work with on a regular basis, the new Sage 50 allows you to mark the records as ‘inactive’ and hide them from your list views. This helps you find the information you need more quickly and reduces the possibility of processing errors, making your business more efficient. You can easily switch accounts between active and inactive with a new check box.

Windows selection method

In direct response to customer feedback, you can now choose how you want to select multiple records in a list. You can use the existing Sage accounts methods of clicking individual records in a list. You can use a Windows-style selection method of selecting multiple records using mouse clicks in conjunction with the shift and Ctrl keys, again making the product more user-friendly and easier for you to use.

Access rights refresh

It’s now easier than ever to add new users, remove users, allow or remove access to modules in the software and copy access rights from one user to another.

Shortcut keys

If you prefer to use your keyboard to navigate around the software, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use. To view the shortcuts in the software, hold down the Alt key and press the key for the option you require.

If you think the all new Sage 50 Accounts may be right for your business or would like to discuss upgrading from your existing software, call us today on 0115 840 5075.