Are you looking for a cloud-based accounting system?

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A significant number of UK businesses can now access their business software in the cloud enabling them to work anywhere, at any time. As businesses continue to move to the cloud, they have the ability to access services 24/7 on any mobile device, revolutionising the way they interact with colleagues and customers. We are no longer tied to our desks having to work countless hours on admin, we can now roam free and work on the go.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a vast network of remote servers around the globe which are linked together and operate as a single ecosystem.

These servers are designed to either store and manage data, run applications or deliver a service – such as streaming videos, email, office productivity software or social media. Instead of accessing files and data from a local or personal computer, you are accessing them through your internet browser it. This frees up processing power, facilitates sharing and collaboration, and allows secure mobile access from anywhere at any time.

What can the cloud do for me?

Last year UK businesses spent upwards of £40 billion on cloud software, representing the growing demand for cloud-based solutions. This innovative technology knows no bounds as it penetrates and dominates the SME market. Forrester Research predict that in 2020 the global market for cloud computing will amount to an astonishing $241 billion! It is no surprise that it is so popular considering that cloud software can:

Reduce IT costs – Moving to cloud computing can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Rather than buying expensive systems, and paying overheads to maintain it, you can reduce costs by using the resources in the cloud.

Improve flexibility – Become more flexible in your work practices by having the ability to access data from home or in the office, on any device with an internet connection. Turn your phone into a portable sales office and access your data quickly and easily, allowing you to be more productive.

How do I know that the cloud is right for my business?

Is your business rapidly growing?

Is your business becoming more mobile?

Is your current business software slowing you down?

Our true cloud solutions:

Sage Intacct is a true cloud accounting system and is a fantastic solution for SMEs wanting to automate and modernise their business processes! This innovative product launched in the UK in November 2019, has been recognised in the US as the #1 accounting and financial management software for customer satisfaction, according to software review platform G2. Sage Intacct can help you improve business accuracy, collaboration, efficiency and flexibility.

At Solutions for Accounting and CRM we are also a Salesforce Certified Partner. Salesforce is within our portfolio of CRM products, ensure you make the most of our expert knowledge to help maximise the benefit of this fully integrated solution.

Core Financials – Powerful automation of complex processes and multi-dimensional data analysis.

Accounts Payable -Streamline your workflows across the AP cycle and gain real-time visibility with 24/7 access from any device with an internet connection.
Accounts Receivable -Automate your processes, email your invoices and offer a variety of payment options. Generate recurring invoices for easy subscription management, attach customer documents to transactions for better record keeping, and so much more.
Cash Management – Improve your cashflow by accessing a complete picture of your cash footprint and working capital.
General Ledger – Benefit from multi-entry, multi-dimensional financial visibility, scalability and flexibility to thrive without limits.
Order Management – Save time, improve accuracy and increase profitability. Remove manual work from multi-channel order management
Purchasing – Radically reduce invoice-to-payment time by 50% and eliminate hours of monotonous transactional data entry.

Advanced functionality – Everything you need to increase productivity, make timely decisions and drive your business forwards.
With additional modules, you’re always ready for what’s next.

Fixed Assets – Create an automated asset management system.
Inventory Management – Track, value and manage stock while maintaining accuracy at every step.
Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations – Manage complex financials for multiple locations and entities with ease.
Project Accounting – Manage costs and revenue, keep projects on time and maintain profitability.
Revenue Recognition – Account for multiple revenue types such as subscriptions, licenses and services.
V.A.T. – Automatically calculate VAT (UK) or Sales Tax (US) with a built-in Avatax integration.
Spend Management – Govern company purchasing versus budget and never exceed spending caps.
Time and Expense Management – Keep your team focused on client goals, rather than tedious administrative tasks.
Vendor Payment Services – Power payments on American Express Global Commercial Services’ platform.

Relationship with Salesforce

Sage Intacct works directly with Salesforce to develop, maintain and support a Salesforce certified integration. With each new release of either product, Sage works directly with Salesforce to automatically deliver a newly certified integration to the customer.

At Solutions for Accounting and CRM we are also a Salesforce Certified Partner. With Salesforce within our portfolio of CRM products, make the most of our expert knowledge to help maximise the benefit of this fully integrated solution.

Why Solutions?

Our expert team will help you understand how Sage Intacct can be configured to support your business effectively. We will help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation to supporting your software and your business once you are up and running, Solutions are there for you every step of the way.

We provide full product training to help your users get the most out of the software and to become more effective in their engagements with your customers.

As a leading Sage Strategic Partner, with many years’ experience in delivering Sage Solutions for clients, our team can help you transform the way you do business, freeing up the valuable time you need to focus on achieving your business goals.

Are you interested in Sage Intacct or Salesforce and want to learn more? Contact our experts today on 0115 840 5075 or email

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