Is Salesforce suitable for a smaller business?

Salesforce is no doubt the leader in the CRM market with its highly customisable features, limitless integration opportunities, apps and add-ons, as well as regular updates and innovations. As the world’s #1 cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has revolutionised the way businesses manage their relationships with customers, prospects and partners from one unified platform.

Many are under the impression that Salesforce is designed for larger businesses, needing full scalability and flexibility. But what about SMEs? Is Salesforce a suitable option?

Contrary to popular belief Salesforce is small business friendly. Cloud solutions don’t require a server, therefore you don’t need to employ extra staff to support the IT infrastructure saving on overheads. With Salesforce you can run your entire business on your smartphone and communicate with prospective, existing and returning customers, consequently improving client satisfaction.

Salesforce offers small businesses the power and functionality of an enterprise level CRM in a package that can grow alongside your company. It helps SMEs transform into vibrant, rapidly growing businesses – you don’t have to be big to benefit from this innovative CRM solution.

Easy-to-use, scalable customer management

Creating strong customer relationships is crucial for SMEs and Salesforce can help by giving you customer management tools allowing you to stay in regular contact with your customers. With excellent speed and scalability, you can grow your business with ease by allowing Salesforce to do the hard work for you. Understand exactly what stage you’re up to with your customers, the direction you need to move in to keep them satisfied, and the obstacles you need to avoid to close deals.

Effective selling

A comprehensive view of every customer at the click of a button allows complete visibility of all communications with that client or prospect, their previous interactions with your company, the status of their orders and invoices pending, their transaction history and everything you need to make the right pitch at the right time. Not every prospect can be turned into a sale, but Salesforce allows you to learn from every outcome enabling room for improvement on your sales strategy. Collate and analyse the data Salesforce stores, allowing you to continually progress and drive your activities towards success.

Improved customer service

As a start-up or small business, maintaining a high level of customer service can be a challenge. With the power of the cloud you can connect Salesforce with other cloud-based services, such as gaining a thorough and comprehensive overview of customer and prospect activity on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As well as directly responding on these platforms, you can use these insights to predict future trends and patterns in addition to delivering customer service directly through social media, creating a smoother experience.

Flexible growth

Your CRM solution needs to grow with you. Many SMEs use small business tools, which they outgrow, and are forced to change systems, altering business processes and retraining employees. Salesforce provides scalability and flexibility, with extra apps and features you can bolt on when you need them. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, everyone in your business has up-to-date customer information at their fingertips.

So put the doubt aside because Salesforce is small business friendly. It provides excellent tools to help you grow, and gives a real-time overview of your entire business at a glance.

At Solutions, we can help you get get up and running with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. Our expert team can help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation and installation through to supporting Salesforce and your business.

Are you a small business interested in Salesforce?

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Sales Cloud, Quick Start – £5000* exc. VAT

Our ‘Quick Start’ package is designed to get you up and running in just a few weeks by helping your business embrace core Sales Cloud features such as leads, campaigns and opportunities.

To begin the process, we work with you to build a project plan, understanding what your requirements are in greater detail and outlining security considerations for your system. Our objective is to ensure this plan describes a solution that will deliver value quickly and provide a platform for future development.

Throughout the project we’ll interact with you regularly, demonstrating configurations as they evolve and making small refinements to the system where required. We’ll work collaboratively to create the right Sales Cloud configuration for your business.

Finally, we’ll meet in your offices, ours or online, to provide training to your users and system administrators as well as supporting you as you go live with Sales Cloud.

*Subject to limitations set out on the Quick Start Options document.

*Sales Cloud licences are purchased separately.