Help Solutions sponsor Jody!

Black and white photo of Solutions employee Jody Kendall

Here at Solutions, one of our dedicated team members, Jody Kendall, is donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust, one of the two charities we are supporting throughout the course of 2018, to help those young and unfortunate people who are dealing with cancer and who are in need of a wig after losing their hair due to aggressive treatment, such as chemotherapy.

The Little Princess Trust aim to provide young people up to the age of 24, with real hair wigs after being diagnosed with cancer. The wigs that they provide are free of charge, paid by the sponsors that LPT receive, and are given to those who have lost their own hair due to treatment (these wigs cost around £3000).

By donating her hair to the charity in January, one young person will be supplied with the perfect wig to help them overcome the loss of their hair, and to help them gain the confidence they need to feel comfortable whilst they are going through such a distressing time. Without the generosity of people like Jody, many young people would not have the chance to receive a wig from LPT, making the treatment that they are going through even more of a challenge. Fortunately, thousands of people, young and old, now donate their hair to charities like LPT and raise money to help those in need

We would also like to thank the Gooseberry Salon in Mapperley, for kindly offering to cut Jody’s hair free of charge!

To support Jody, we will be helping her raise as much money as possible. No matter how small a donation is, every penny matters to help LPT. If you would like to support Jody and The Little Princess Trust, please visit her fundraising page at: