Going mad for the monkey: Mailchimp integration with Act! & Sage CRM

It seems that CRM and eMail Marketing go hand in hand for many of our clients, and we’re often asked to recommend a powerful but easy-to-use eMail Marketing system that integrates well with our CRM products.

As Act! CRM is now owned by Swiftpage, themselves authors of leading eMail Marketing technology, the integration of their own Act! eMarketing (AEM) within the Act! CRM product is seamless and powerful. Not only does the tool provide a simple ‘drag and drop’ HTML template editor and full visibility of Open and Click responses to emails, but automated follow-up actions can be managed by ‘Smart Tasks’. For example, a Sales User may be automatically alerted by an Activity Alarm to circumstances where a Contact has opened and/or clicked hyperlinks within a marketing email, thereby confirming interest and justifying a follow-up communication of an appropriate kind.

However, although Swiftpage eMail Marketing technology was also integrated with Sage CRM, the acquisition of Act! switched the Swiftpage development focus to that product, leaving SageCRM users without a rich integrated eMail Marketing experience.

A highly popular solution has arrived with SageCRM v7.3 in the guise of global SME eMail Marketing leader, Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is the fastest growing eMail marketing platform in the world with the broadest user base, and there is good reason for this. Its user interface is sublime; extremely easy to get to grips with yet immensely powerful. Mailchimp makes it easy for users to customise templates via simple drag and drop, or upload their own professionally created custom templates.

All the standard features that one would expect of an eMail Marketing tool are included such as Open and Click through tracking, opt-out management, subscriber list management and an HTML form builder. The platform is also extended to offer a broad array of additional standard features and cost options such as integration with social media, Google analytics (to track email respondents as they are nurtured beyond the hyperlink on their journey through your website towards your ultimate goal) and extensive testing and reporting capabilities.

Mailchimp is also able to be integrated with Act! CRM via an add-on component, meaning that existing Mailchimp users who are new to Act! need not switch to AEM.

New to eMail Marketing?

Mailchimp and Act! eMarketing both offer extensive tutorials as well as free-to-use entry level versions.

AEM offers Act! users the facility to send unlimited emails to up to 500 Contacts within a month. Mailchimp enables the synchronisation of up to 2000 Contacts from SageCRM or Act! into the system, with the ability to send up to 12,000 emails per month for free!

At Solutions for Accounting, we have our very own in-house eMail Marketing expert trainer. Will Ingleby has been working with eMail marketing systems (including Mailchimp and AEM) for over 10 years and has provided best-practice guidance and training on the technology to representatives of over 1,000 businesses.

Call us now on 0115 840 5075 to see how we can help get you started with your first eMail Marketing campaign, or to offer assistance in driving more value from your digital communication endeavours.