Finding the right credit management software for your business

Person typing details from a band card into a laptop

It’s never been more important to get paid on time and finding the right credit management system will help you stay in control of your businesses finances. A credit management system is essential to minimising the amount of capital tied up with debtors and keep an efficient cash flow.

Credit Hound

With Credit Hound by Draycir you can automate many of your tedious day-to-day credit control processes. With fewer time consuming administrative tasks your team will be able to keep an eye on payments and begin chasing debts sooner, helping you secure a quick return on investment. Credit Hound will provide you with a comprehensive credit management reporting system so you can track performance and overall effectiveness of the credit control functions.

With Credit Hound, you will be able to optimise cash flow and avoid significant debt accumulation, while keeping a very close eye on your customer accounts. With effective accounts receivable processes in place, your business will benefit from a healthy cash flow and reduced risk whilst building strong relationships with your customers.

How your business can benefit

Automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks
Let Credit Hound take control with automatic reminder letters, put overdue accounts on stop and add new To-Do items to chase late payments.

Avoid late payments
With Credit Hound’s payment tracking feature gain a detailed overview of disputed payments helping you avoid payment delays.

Chase screen
Have all the details you need to chase late invoice payments on one clear and easy-to-use screen.

To-do list
Stay on top of your calls with the ‘to-do list’ feature, ensuring you chase payments sooner rather than later.

Credit Hound integrates with Sage, ensuring the information you have is accurate and up-to-date.

Benefit from a comprehensive list of reports that can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation providing you with a 360 degree view of your business accounts.

Interactive accounts & aged debtor lists
View your accounts in real-time, sorting and filtering against various field types, including custom data fields from your accounting system or from other SQL databases.

Payment reminders
Reminders will be automatically sent from when a payment is due to when payment is made, altering the tone and frequency as and when it’s required.

Faster payments
With Credit Hound, your customers can make secure online payments directly via payment providers like Opayo. The ‘Pay Now’ button can automatically be added to your chasing letters, emails, invoices, pro-forma invoices and statements.

What’s next?

Our experienced consultants will train your teams to a high standard ensuring you make the most of Credit Hound. It’s important you get a return on your investment, enabling you to be efficient and knowledgeable when using your new system.

To find out how our software experts can help give you complete control over your business, call us today on 0115 840 5075 or email