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How Salesforce can transform your customer relationships

News How Salesforce can transform your customer relationships

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How Salesforce can transform your customer relationships

Do you struggle to find ways to improve relationships with your customers?

Are you looking for a CRM system that can revolutionise the way you manage your customer and prospect relationships?

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, is a cloud-based solution providing the tools required to better manage your customer interactions and empower your service, sales and marketing teams with real-time client information. Place customer interactions at the heart of your organisation with a comprehensive, customisable view of clients across all business disciplines. Give your teams the power to create a high-quality customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

According to Salesforce, 3 out of 4 people spend more money with a company when they have a positive customer experience, therefore finding a CRM solution to centralise all of your data is becoming a critical component for business success. Salesforce has found that customer retention can improve by as much as 27% when using a CRM system, but why is this?

In this article, we explain how Salesforce can transform your customer relationships, creating a better experience for you and your clients.

Greater understanding of your customers

Regardless of the industry you are in, what your focus is, or the types of products or services you offer, your customers are the most valuable asset of your organisation. After all, your customers are the reason your business exists. Your customers are more than revenue, they can provide you with priceless feedback and serve as a springboard for new concepts and ideas that no technology could.

This is why Salesforce could be the CRM for you. Customer satisfaction should be the focus of any business and this means you need to do more than simply appreciating your customers… you need to understand them, let Salesforce give you that insight.

Salesforce provides a super powerful communication tool with all your customer information in one central location. With easy access to key information anywhere, at any time, on any device, your sales, marketing and customer service teams gain a competitive advantage. Utilise critical business facts, such as a contact’s position within the company, in your communications to your clients to create a better more personal experience. Through the data your business puts into Salesforce, know exactly who your customers are, and what they require.

More Information

Salesforce gives you access to advanced organisational technology that can quantify, categorise and make data available across departments. Store a vast list of customers with important information to access their file more conveniently than ever, thanks to the cloud. Even better - this information can help you secure deals as the information is available to all therefore, whoever is helping the customer at that time can have the same vital data immediately. This, without doubt, will save you and your clients valuable time.

CRM systems store information in one place which leads to improved analysing of the data. Easily integrated with different tools or plugins, you have the ability to generate automatic reports to maximise your time. Personalise your dashboard views to quickly locate information needed, such as: customer information, sales goals, and performance reports to reach untapped opportunities. With better reporting data, you can make resourceful and effective decisions to reap the rewards in customer loyalty and long-run profitability.

Improved segmentation

With Salesforce you can break down data by categories and criteria, making it easy to create focused lists and target audiences. These segmented lists allow you to run targeted communication campaigns and analyse your sales progress efficiently. You can also tailor your offerings, tactics and pitch to the different lists to ensure you are engaging with them by using the right content. Salesforce can allow you to see which customers are engaging with your content and are therefore potentially interested in your products or services, those that are unsure and might need some guidance, and those that are no longer showing any interest.

Enhanced customer retention

While Salesforce can help you engage with new customers, it also plays a key part in keeping your existing customers happy. According to Salesforce implementing the right CRM system for you means you could improve your customer retention by a quarter or more!

Reminders about appointments and notifications to send follow up emails prompt you to reach out to existing customers that you may not have been in contact with for a while, reminding them of your offerings and services. To sustain your customer’s interest, Salesforce allows you to coordinate your marketing activities and send newsletters, campaigns or post-purchase customer surveys when the time is right. After all, timing is everything!

Better anticipation of needs

Sell more at a faster rate with Salesforce by accessing customer interaction history that allows you to anticipate customer needs. Know exactly what they purchased and when, what contracts were offered and their buying habits, enabling you to be proactive and create offers at the right time. The more knowledge the better as Salesforce found that 75% of people will spend more with a business if they have a good experience. With Salesforce it becomes easy to create timely customer service - In just a few clicks, have access to information on customer issues, how they were handled and whether they are satisfied.

Customers are so important; no business exists without its customer base. Client relationships are the bridge between your business offering, your customer’s needs, and your company’s ability to provide. Ease of communication, organised data and targeted communications can improve the overall experience your customers receive and therefore increase the longevity of their relationship with your company. By investing in a quality CRM solution, such as Salesforce, you can ensure your clients know how valued and important they are to your business and how positive their experience is. Salesforce isn’t about working harder but working smarter, benefiting your client relationships.

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Why Solutions?
We pride ourselves on finding a solution that fits your business perfectly. Our expert team will help you understand how Salesforce can support your business effectively. We will help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation to supporting your software and your business once you are up and running, Solutions are there for you every step of the way. We ensure your teams are fully trained to ensure your users get the most out of the software and to become more effective in their engagements with your customers. Our team can help you transform the way you do business, freeing up the valuable time you need to focus on achieving your business goals.

Interested in Salesforce and want to find out more? Contact our experts today on 0115 840 5075 or email enquiries@solutionscloud.uk.

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