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Is your CRM system weighing you down?

News Is your CRM system weighing you down?

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Is your CRM system weighing you down?

CRM systems are designed to revolutionise how businesses manage their relationships with customers, prospects, partners and more! However, some businesses find that their CRM is weighing them down, rather than driving business growth.

Why is this happening?

What's the solution?

Allow us to explain why your CRM might be weighing you down, and the solution to help you avoid this from happening again in the future...

Your CRM is slow!

CRM systems shouldn't be slowing you down. When your CRM isn't performing, you can miss critical actions such as a call with a prospect or worse, sending a quote! The potential loss of business could be considerable, but potentially more damaging is the effect on your staff.

The more issues and frustration users have with your CRM, the less likely they are to use it. Consequently, if your staff stop using your CRM system, you stop gaining value from it.

Why so slow?

Often the reason for a slow system is the environment it's based in (typically servers in your offices or hosted by a 3rd party). To begin with, your CRM is fantastic and really helps you to manage your customer and prospect relationships better, but the more users that gain access and the more data inputted, the slower it can become.

Servers and other IT infrastructure can quickly become outdated and under-resourced, worst of all it can cost a fortune to upgrade or replace! Data breaches and denial of service attacks have also become more prominent, with businesses facing downtime and huge fines for data breaches.

Moving to the cloud has become more popular in recent years, with cloud hosting and software providers presenting solutions that remove the drain on your IT and resources.

The Solution... Sales Cloud

The world's #1 CRM provider, Salesforce, host their suite of products in the cloud with highly secure global data centres. You still have control of your data, with the ability to backup your data locally and a suite of tools to interrogate your data within the user interface (UI).

Salesforce's Sales Cloud is lightning-fast and incredibly effective. On average, businesses that invest in Sales Cloud see a 40% increase in sales productivity, leading to a 39% boosted lead conversion rate and a 32% increase in sales revenue.

Our Sales Cloud customers benefit from over 20 years of experience in business systems, with integrations tailored to them, such as our Sage 200 and Salesforce integration...combing ERP and CRM for ultimate efficiency, streamlining your business processes.

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Written By James Cooke

Salesforce Delivery Manager

As Salesforce Delivery Manager, James is responsible for any Salesforce projects, consultancy and training within Solutions. He supports the strategic development of our Salesforce business and is our go-to-guy for anything Salesforce related.

James joined Solutions in February 2018 as a CRM Consultant. James has progressed his career within Solutions, becoming a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant as well as a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

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