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3 reasons why sales teams stop using CRM

News 3 reasons why sales teams stop using CRM

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3 reasons why sales teams stop using CRM

A strong CRM solution can deliver huge success to your business by improving customer service, boosting lead generation and increasing sales revenue. Unfortunately some businesses never see the return on investment from their CRM of choice and this is often due to poor engagement from the sales team... here's why.

Poorly tailored

Configuring a CRM system to work seamlessly with your business isn't the easiest task, and making it compliment your processes and approach is an even greater challenge. If your CRM doesn't synergise with your sales process or feel intuitive to use, it can cause a complete halt to usage from the sales team.

This is why it's important to involve the sales team throughout the selection, planning, testing and deployment; after all, they're the ones who could use it and benefit from it the most! Your sales team should hold the golden nuggets of information, such as the standard sales process, decision making processes and an extensive array of knowledge that will make the system work for your business.

Difficult to access

If you're regularly out of the office, it doesn't take long before you're overloaded with admin tasks taking hours to sort through... site visit forms, quotes to be sent and meeting reports (just to mention a few!) can really stack up and make Friday the dreaded 'admin day'.

Access to CRM whilst on-the-go is a life changer; a solid, easily accessible mobile app can be revolutionary not just for your sales team, but for your entire business too. Your sales team can record their meetings whenever, wherever and have prospects at their fingertips helping them avoid jotting notes on scraps of paper that could be forgotten about later.

A business we recently worked with have seen an extra day per week for their sales reps by eliminating the Friday 'admin day'. The sales team now have more time to sell and have become more productive as a consequence. An extra day a week across 5 sales representatives, is effectively another sales rep added to the team - without the investment and hassle of recruiting, training and supporting another team member!

Little value

Implementing CRM can at first appear to be an attempt from above to monitor what their employees are doing, as a result the end users may see no value to the system. Perspective is everything during the introduction of a new CRM - users need to be shown and given the chance to experience the benefits of the solution, rather than thrown in at the deep end.

For sales teams, CRM should be sales enablement - making their lives easier by automating processes, removing common obstacles and providing new insights into their customers and prospects.

Sales is typically a high-pressure environment, with KPIs and targets to achieve and exceed - your CRM should align with this. Upon signing in the sales rep should be greeted with a dashboard of how they're doing so far this month / quarter / year and give them a rapid insight into how close they are to their KPIs.

The solution... Sales Cloud

Built on the world's #1 sales platform, Sales Cloud (from Salesforce) is highly configurable and ready to be tailored to your requirements; it's accessible in or out of the office and has an outstanding mobile application.

Leads, opportunities and campaigns are core features of Sales Cloud, enabling sales reps to generate leads, nurture prospects and close deals. Sales Cloud also supports marketing in tracking the journey of prospects and customers, in order to understand the ROI of their endeavours.

Business that have invested in Sales Cloud have seen up to a 40% increase in sales productivity and a 32% increase in sales revenue. If you're looking for an effective CRM for sales, Salesforce's Sales Cloud is clearly the way to go - it's the world's #1 CRM for a reason.

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Written By James Cooke

Salesforce Delivery Manager

As Salesforce Delivery Manager, James is responsible for any Salesforce projects, consultancy and training within Solutions. He supports the strategic development of our Salesforce business and is our go-to-guy for anything Salesforce related.

James joined Solutions in February 2018 as a CRM Consultant. James has progressed his career within Solutions, becoming a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant as well as a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

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