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What is Salesforce?

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What is Salesforce?

Trusted by more than 4 million users worldwide, Salesforce eliminates the risk and expense of traditional software. This innovative solution allows you to become more productive and focus on what matters most to your business - customer success.

As the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce's Sales Cloud has revolutionised the way businesses manage their relationships with customers and prospects. It enables you to place your customers at the core of your organisation with a comprehensive, customisable view of clients across all business disciplines. Salesforce provides you with the power to produce a high quality customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

Salesforce delivers a collaborative platform for colleagues as well as external stakeholders. It allows you to share insights with visual dashboards and reports, whilst collaborating with other team members through Chatter. With the Salesforce app you can gain the insights you need on your mobile or tablet at your fingertips, anywhere at any time.

Is Salesforce right for your business?

Salesforce's Sales Cloud is the CRM solution for your business if you need the functionality to:

  • Collaborate across multiple businesses units
  • Share critical client data throughout your organisation
  • Track key performance indicators in real-time
  • Integrate key business systems
  • Have real-time visibility over business performance

The benefits:

Close deals faster - From initial enquiry, to closed sale, to up-sell, cross-sell and beyond! Sales Cloud can help you track your customer's journey (from lead to customer) and guide your teams with Guidance for Success. Collaboration is key and with Chatter, the Salesforce collaboration platform, your representatives can collaborate on lead, account and opportunity records, keeping everyone aligned.

Gain more leads - Link Salesforce to your website, upload business cards from a trade show and integrate with marketing systems to easily capture leads. Salesforce campaigns stick with leads wherever they go, showing the journey your leads take before and after they have become a customer. Using sales tools such as Sales Path, see at a glance where your lead is during its journey and, with Salesforce's inbuilt automation, you can automatically assign it to the best representative.

Improve productivity - You can turn your smartphone into a portable sales office, enabling you to log calls, respond to leads, work opportunities and check dashboards at any time regardless of your location. Quickly access Chatter whilst on the move and instantly connect with your colleagues and team members to increase productivity throughout your business.

Make informed decisions - Turn data into actionable insights that anyone or everyone within your business can access, from any location. With dashboards you can get a real-time overview of your business at a glance, allowing you to keep track of KPIs and important metrics wherever you are. Create and subscribe to the reports and dashboards that are important to you and your teams, eliminating the need for timely and manual weekly reports, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

The features:

  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Data
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Einstein AI
  • Email Integration

Sage 200 integration:

Salesforce can integrate with Sage 200 to create an empowered, efficient sales team. With our integrated Sage 200 and Salesforce solution, you can analyse your customers' purchasing history and buying trends, without leaving Salesforce. Sales representatives can gain peace of mind that they are quoting on products that are in stock at the right price, with product synchronisation between Sage 200 and Salesforce. Remove the wall between sales and accounts by creating orders in Salesforce and pushing them into Sage 200, helping you reduce paperwork, user licenses and save time.

We have the flexibility to customise the integration to your specific requirements. A few examples of what we can offer:

  • Create new Sage 200 customers from Salesforce
  • Show recent Sage 200 orders on customer records
  • Show month-to-date and year-to-date values on customer records
  • Synchronise products and prices from Sage 200 to Salesforce
  • Show stock availability in Salesforce
  • Post orders from Salesforce to Sage 200 sales orders.

Find out more about our integration

Our 'Sales Cloud - Quick Start' package:

Salesforce implementations that take months to deliver are in nobody's best interests. That's why we've introduced our Quick Start package, designed to get you up and running in just a few weeks by embracing core Sales Cloud features such as leads, campaigns and opportunities.

To begin the process, we work with you to create a project plan, gaining an understanding of your requirements in greater detail and outlining any considerations for you and your system. Our aim is to ensure this plan produces a solution that will deliver value quickly and provide a platform for future development. We will interact with you regularly throughout the project, demonstrating configurations as they evolve and making any refinements to the system where required. We will collaborate with you to build the perfect Sales Cloud configuration for your business.

Finally we will provide training in your offices for your users and system administrators as well as supporting you as you go live with Sales Cloud.

Objects Configured

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Campaigns

Org Setup

  • Security settings (sharing rules & profiles)
  • User profile setup (for up to 10 users)
  • Office 365 & Outlook Integration
  • Custom themes & branding

Features Customised

  • Sales Path
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Homepage

By introducing Salesforce's Sales Cloud, the world's leading #1 CRM system, into your business you can easily manage your customer interactions and empower your service, sales, and marketing teams with real-time client information.

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Written By Lily Jones

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As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting the business, its services and partnerships. Her role is heavily content based, creating blog articles, newsletters and social media copy as well as creating and implementing the strategy behind them.

Lily also regularly updates the website and our company literature, ensuring the content is fresh and relevant.

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