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Sage 200cloud Spring 2019 Enhancements

News Sage 200cloud Spring 2019 Enhancements

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Sage 200cloud Spring 2019 Enhancements

The Sage 200cloud Spring 2019 Enhancement is here...

This release brings essential features and is one in a series of updates for this advanced solution that has been developed directly on customer feedback.

Sage 200 is an on premise, 'cloud connected' solution using the power of both desktop and cloud (through its integration with Microsoft Office 365) allowing you to run a smarter, faster, more connected business. Gain 24/7 availability and boost productivity whilst eliminating downtime to create more control over your business.

Sage 200cloud Spring 2019 Enhancements:

Power BI - Power BI is the seamless connection to Sage 200 cloud data. Gain the ability to create powerful dashboards with multiple data sources without needing to be an expert, allowing you to better understand your business. Get example out-of-the-box reports with the ability to define customised views to suit your business with powerful analytics tools.

Import Enhancements - Export and update a variety of information and make simple changes to existing data within Excel. Re-import quickly and easily, and export and update nominal accounts, customers, suppliers, and stock items helping you reduce data entry time. Make bulk amendments by exporting Sage 200 data to make the necessary changes, allowing you to easily update your records.

Enhanced Security - Control user access to the supplier bank details to enhance security for businesses. This new enhancement allows the supplier bank details tab to be restricted based on the assigned user rights.

Reprint Remittance - Reprint supplier remittances from document storage to reduce admin by quickly identifying relevant paid invoices. Support conversations with suppliers around paid invoices and gain a clear payment audit trial. If information is lost, you can provide copies to suppliers to ensure documents stay protected.

Open/Close Accounting Periods - Sage have made improvements to month and year end processing, allowing you to quickly and easily close and open periods for all ledgers. This reduces key strokes, and improves period end processing time and procedures.

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