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Why 170,000 businesses have adopted Salesforce to drive growth

News Why 170,000 businesses have adopted Salesforce to drive growth

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Why 170,000 businesses have adopted Salesforce to drive growth

As the world's leading cloud-based CRM system, Salesforce offers the tools you need to effectively manage your customer interactions, empowering your sales and marketing teams with real-time client information. With the world's #1 CRM platform you can begin your journey to success.

Salesforce is built in the cloud to eliminate risk and expense of traditional software. Trusted by more than 4 million Users worldwide, Salesforce allows you to become more productive regardless of your location, helping you focus on what matters most - customer success.

How can Salesforce benefit your sales team?

Sales Cloud - Find customers, close sales, and grow accounts faster.

Salesforce's Sales Cloud is a user-friendly leader in cloud computing. It provides all the tools you need to connect with customers from real-time marketing campaigns to intuitive deal tracking, all in one central location available at any time, on any device. Engage with customers earlier and close deals faster than ever before. Sales Cloud embraces technologies like mobile, relationship intelligence and collaboration enabling you to remain ahead of your competition. With the Salesforce Mobile App your sales team can be productive, staying connected to customers and colleagues anywhere, anytime.

Sales Cloud can dramatically improve your business

Contact Management

Contact management, collaboration and marketing tools enable your sales team to close more deals faster. Salesforce provides a thorough overview of your customer's activity history, significant contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions allowing you to control your business efficiently. Insights from your social media channels enable you to stay connected to your colleagues and the information you require to successfully close sales.

Opportunity Management

Streamline your sales processes with Salesforce and easily customise the mobile app to reflect your sales and forecasting stages, enabling you to drive progress, productivity and consistency. Get a complete view of critical details in a rich timeline of your customer's activity and receive updates when action is needed.

Lead Management

Capture prospect information rapidly using leads (available in Sales Cloud). Leads hold key information about the person (contact), their business (account) and what the opportunity is, in a single place. They can also make the most of Sales Cloud campaigns, allowing you to track the RIO of your marketing investment and acknowledge where the lead was acquired. Leads can also make the most of Path, which guides your sales team through the process of nurturing, with recommended fields and guidance for success.

Sales Data

Gain more leads to improve conversion rates and grow your revenue. Make smarter decisions about where to invest your marketing budget, track your leads from click to close, and continually optimise your campaigns across every channel. Get high quality sales data with Data.com, allowing you to increase sales and marketing productivity with the latest, most accurate data.

Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce offers powerful tools that turn data into actionable insights that all employees within your business can access from any location. A real-time overview of your business is visible at a glance with Salesforce dashboards, giving you detailed reports that are easy to create and customised sales forecasting reports that are easy to build, enabling you to stay constantly updated.

Einstein AI

Keep your deals moving forward with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered sales tools. With Einstein's AI (available as an add-on to Sales Cloud) you can sell smarter by automatically capturing data, gaining instant insights, and proactively coaching your sales team to win with predictive forecasting. View the key business developments touching your accounts, including company expansion updates.

Salesforce Mobile App

Improve productivity with the ability to turn your smartphone into a portable sales office. Log calls, respond to leads, work opportunities and check dashboards anytime, anywhere. With the Salesforce Mobile App quickly access your files and instantly connect with your colleagues to increase efficiency throughout your sales team. Browse, edit, and share all of your files, including Microsoft Office, in just a few clicks.

Email Integration

The Salesforce and Outlook integration gives you a complete overview of your customers. Sync emails instantly, keeping your entire business up to date with all communications. Lightning Sync keeps your Outlook, mobile device, and Salesforce calendars seamlessly aligned. Add rich context to every meeting invite and contact within Outlook quickly and easily.

Sage 200 Integration

Salesforce has the ability to integrate with Sage 200 allowing you to create an empowered, efficient sales team. Drive revenue by customising your dashboards and automating repetitive tasks to seamlessly manage your sales cycle. Gain advanced analytics, reporting and forecasting and scale your customer service capabilities without complexity. You can better understand your customer's needs, solve their problems and identify opportunities to help them. By integrating Salesforce with Sage 200 you can manage all your business processes in one place, without having to look across two separate systems. We have the flexibility to customise the integration to your specific requirements. A few examples of what we can offer:

  • Create new Sage 200 customers from Salesforce
  • Show recent Sage 200 orders on customer records
  • Show month-to-date and year-to-date values on customer records
  • Synchronise products and prices from Sage 200 to Salesforce
  • Including multiple price books
  • Show stock availability in Salesforce

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