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Salesforce Summer 19 Release

News Salesforce Summer 19 Release

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Salesforce Summer 19 Release

Salesforce Summer 19 Release - what's coming...

Solutions' Salesforce Delivery Manager, James Cooke, talks us through the latest updates from Salesforce.

Salesforce's Summer 19 Release is almost here and includes some exciting new features and refinements that are coming to Live Salesforce Orgs across May and June - here are some of my top picks.

New Lightning Experience Features

Enhanced Related Lists

Take your related lists to the next level with Enhanced Related Lists, allowing you to choose up to 10 columns to display as well as creating the option to sort and resize them. Gain the ability to perform mass actions and wrap text within the list. This is sure to be a brilliant feature for Salesforce CRM customers!

Quick Filters

Filters have been useful, but can sometimes be a burden when users leave a filter on a popular list view! Thankfully, a new feature called Quick Filters is coming to allow for filtering of a list without permanently changing the list. Yet another fantastic functionality that we look forward to using and training our customers on.

Sales Cloud Features

Tailor Product Schedules

If your business provides products or services delivered and billed over a schedule, then Product Schedules is a great feature for you. Now, you're able to customise product schedules with layouts, fields, and custom buttons. Create status fields helping you track payments of completed work and work in progress - this is sure to be massive if you deal with recurring or split billing.

Path Celebrations

We love Path! It provides brilliant visual guidance with the ability to present fields and help text, as well as fun GIFS! The latest release of Salesforce introduces confetti, so you can celebrate your sales successes with confetti when stages are reached through Path! Confetti isn't currently available on lead conversion, so let's save the confetti until opportunities are won!

We really like the ability to customise the frequency of the confetti. If you don't want it to appear every time you close a sale, the confetti can fire anywhere from 'Rarely' to 'Always'. Combine confetti with some fun sounds (via Trailshred) and you've created an entertaining way to celebrate your wins.

New tools to transition to Lightning Experience

In Winter 2020, Lightning Experience is being switched on for all Salesforce Orgs, so now is the perfect time to make your transition to Lightning!

Lightning Experience Transition Assistant

With Transition Assistance, moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning will be easy. The assistant provides a central hub for all the recommended activities, tools, and resources for a successful transition. To make things simple, the transition path is broken down into 3 phases:

1. Discovery Phase

Learn about the Salesforce Lightning features and understand the benefits to your business. You can then evaluate whether your org is ready for Lightning and identify any challenges. Gain access to the Change Management Hub enabling you to plan your transition and take advantage of the provided presentations to discuss these with your Stakeholders.

2. Roll Out Phase

Prepare your users to move to Salesforce Lightning and define your plan and roll our strategy. Adjust any existing customisations (such as JavaScript buttons) and optimise for Lightning with tools such as Path and Actions. You can then launch Lightning Experience for your user base, beginning your journey to greater productivity.

3. Optimisation Phase

Complete your journey to Lightning Experience by switching off Salesforce Classic. Gain all the Lightning features you've been waiting for and innovate your Org to make selling easier and service more personalised.


As you have learnt, there are some brilliant new functionalities and fun additions coming to Salesforce in the Summer 2019 release. There is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, and I'm really looking forward to introducing these new aspects to our customers over the coming months.

If you're looking for assistance with your current Salesforce Org, please get in touch here.

If you're interested in finding out more about Salesforce, check out our Sales Cloud Quick Start, tailored to support you in making the most out of Core Sales Cloud features.

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Written By James Cooke

Salesforce Delivery Manager

As Salesforce Delivery Manager, James is responsible for any Salesforce projects, consultancy and training within Solutions. He supports the strategic development of our Salesforce business and is our go-to-guy for anything Salesforce related.

James joined Solutions in February 2018 as a CRM Consultant. James has progressed his career within Solutions, becoming a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant as well as a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

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