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Why Sage Business Cloud Financials could be the leading cloud accounting solution in the UK

News Why Sage Business Cloud Financials could be the leading cloud accounting solution in the UK

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Why Sage Business Cloud Financials could be the leading cloud accounting solution in the UK

There is a huge variety of accounting solutions available in the UK, however there has to be on that stands out, right? Cloud has become a new way of life for many businesses and we think Sage Financials might just be the best cloud accounting software out there for SMEs. This unique cloud-based business management solution, built on the Salesforce platform, uses the latest technology to drive business growth enabling you to take control of your finances in real-time, regardless of your location. But what makes Sage Financials stand out from the crowd? Here are our thoughts...

Sage Financials

Sage Financials is much more than just cloud accounting, you can experience an award-winning integrated office that manages your entire company with multi-dimensional business management. Gain the ability to connect sales, accounting, banking, invoicing and payments with Salesforce CRM giving you a clear overview of your business. Scale without complexity and react faster to customer demands, new opportunities and competitors. By integrating accounting with critical business functions, Sage Financials drives collaboration and gives you insight into raw data, enabling your business to grow with ease.

To allow your business to thrive, Sage Financials offers scalability, mobility and flexibility. Gain the confidence you need in cash flow when growth opportunities arise; with financial stability this solution provides and captures every detail of your company's financial status. It boosts automation and productivity allowing you to focus on the most important areas of your business. Become agile and flexible with Sage Financials in order to respond and act upon customer demands, competitive pressures and new opportunities.

Analyse every detail of your business as Sage Financials reduces the complexities of accounting tasks with efficient workflows and automation. Sage Financials has the power to eliminate manual data by automating workflow, bank reconciliations and other important transactions allowing you to free up countless hours categorising transactions.

This cloud solution ensures financial stability. With the help of Sage Financials you can expand into new markets with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. This powerful solution has a connected digital platform allowing productivity to be improved with streamlined communication and teamwork between the front and back office.

Access vital information on any device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, smart watch or a laptop. Having access to all your business transactions in one financial hub allows you to gain insights into projected results, profit and loss, and operating margins. With a 360° view of your business communications, you can gain visibility into your customer relationships by connecting Sage Financials with a CRM solution to track upcoming sales and outstanding payments.

Sage Financials offers access to Chatter, a live messenger functionality, allowing you to share updates and stay connected when away from the office, helping you control your business on the go. Due to Sage Financials being a cloud solution, every business process becomes easier and faster to deal with as you van access information anytime, anywhere.

CRM Integration

Sage Financials is built on the Salesforce platform, with access to this leading CRM solution it provides you with unique tools to better manage customer interactions and empower your sales and marketing teams with real-time, client information. Combining these two solutions creates powerful marketing automation, with sales pipeline intelligence to generate high-quality leads. With a cloud-based, integrated solution your employees can work from any device, maximising the time your sales team spend selling with productivity and collaborative tools that work anywhere.

This innovative, cloud accounting solution really does stand out from the rest. Whether or not you think Sage Financials deserves top place, it is clear it as the power to drive your business forward, boost productivity and allow you to expand into new markets. Gaining 24/7 access to all your business processes from any device allows you to work on the go and take control of finances in real-time. Combining Sage Financials and Salesforce CRM empowers your sales and marketing teams and allows you to run a faster, smarter, more connected business.

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Written by Lily Jones

Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting both the business and its services. She updates the website and ensures the content is relevant, is involved in the strategy and implementation of digital marketing as well as producing and updating company literature.

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