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Migration of Hosted Act! CRM Clients to Act! Premium Cloud

News Migration of Hosted Act! CRM Clients to Act! Premium Cloud

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Migration of Hosted Act! CRM Clients to Act! Premium Cloud

Two years ago, Solutions for Accounting and CRM took the decision to migrate our Act! hosted clients to the ‘Datcom’ environment, delivering performance, availability and security improvements.

Since this time, Swiftpage (owners and authors of the product) have introduced significant improvements including a very specific focus on the development of their own hosted provision.

Act! Premium Cloud offers almost infinite integration possibilities via the inbuilt Act! Connect, greater mobile connectivity via the Act! Companion app and rich graphical dashboard reporting with Act! Insight. The new ‘Custom Tables’ with the Act! Premium Plus Cloud option offers greater flexibility, and the forthcoming Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) promises to transform the sales and marketing effectiveness of the system.

Consequently, it is now our considered opinion that with the impending release of Act! v20.1 and the availability of a number of Act! Premium Cloud options offered by Swiftpage themselves, the author’s own hosted service represents the best solution for our clients in terms of both cost, performance, security and scalability.

We are therefore announcing the ‘end of life’ of our Datcom hosted environment and recommending migration of all hosted Act! databases to Act! Premium Cloud, with hosting managed by Swiftpage on secure UK servers.

We have taken steps to ensure that the migration causes minimal disruption to your business, and also that this change represents the best possible value for money.

Commercial Impact and timeline

You don't need to do anything immediately. With your agreement, we propose to migrate your database from Datcom to Act! Premium Cloud at the time of your annual contract renewal. As usual, our admin team will issue a renewal notification in advance of your annual renewal date with an invoice that reflects the entire cost of your Act! subscription and hosting services for the next 12 months.

You will no longer need to make a payment to Datcom for hosting after the renewal date, and you are advised to cancel your Direct Debit instruction to them at that time (although we’ll also notify Datcom of the migration date and no further Direct Debit payments will be claimed by them from the notified date).

Please note that we will no longer be able to accept quarterly payments, and all subscription and hosting fees will be payable annually in advance. However, overall costs for Act! subscription and hosting will be broadly similar to those which have been in place for the current contract period.

Operational Impact – Business as usual!

It is our intention that the migration of your database from Datcom to Act! Premium Cloud will take place outside normal office hours to minimise disruption to your business (evening or weekend by arrangement with you).

Our technicians will move your database to the new environment and you will be issued with a new URL for Users to access your database in the Act! Premium Cloud. Apart from this new URL, database access should be seamless with Users continuing to access the database at the start of the working day following the migration.

Where remote synchronising databases are deployed, it will be necessary to modify the synchronisation configuration so that those databases may continue to synchronise with the main hosted ‘Publisher’ database. Our technicians will advise on this configuration (or connect to remote machines and make the changes for you if you prefer).

Where Outlook integration is in use, this will also need to be reconfigured to ensure email histories are able to be recorded and Calendar/Contact synchronisations remains effective. Again, our technicians will provide all necessary assistance.

I do believe that this is a very positive step forward for all our hosted clients and feel confident that your business will be in a position to drive even greater value from your investment in CRM technology with Act! Premium Cloud.

If you have any questions at all, please do contact us for assistance.

Finally, I wanted to thank you sincerely for partnering with us to deliver Act! services and offer my assurance of our continued best endeavours at all times to ensure your business is empowered by your Act! system.

N.B. Please note that Act! Premium Cloud standard subscription pricing includes a maximum of 4 Gbyte of data storage capacity. Whilst this is sufficient for most Act! databases, further data storage may be purchased at a rate of £45 per each additional 4 Gbytes per annum.

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Written By Will Ingleby

Sales Director

As a Director, Will is tasked with the role of helping to push Solutions and its employees to achieve their full potential. With ambitious growth plans for the business, Will predominantly focuses on Sage CRM and Swiftpage Act! sales as well as being an expert in the field of e-marketing and marketing strategy.

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