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Does your accounting software need to be in the cloud?

News Does your accounting software need to be in the cloud?

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Does your accounting software need to be in the cloud?

In today's society many people, and therefore businesses, are moving to a cloud first mind set. Having the ability to access services 24/7 on any mobile device, in any location, has revolutionised the way we interact with friends, family, but most importantly customers. We are no longer tied to our desks working countless hours on admin - we are now free to work on the go, connecting and communicating with anyone, anywhere. But does your accounting software really need to be in the cloud, or can your business still thrive without it?

Cloud has become the key to growth and success for many forward thinking businesses, yet on premise solutions are still used by millions. Introducing Sage 50cloud - an on premise accounting solution with cloud connectivity...

Sage 50cloud is aimed to suit the needs of SMEs, enabling you to run a more productive business with a time-saving, thorough solution. Manage your accounting, invoicing, cash flow, inventory, tax, and so much more with Sage 50cloud and gain the reliable information you need to stay in control and drive your business towards a more profitable future. Combining the features of the industry-leading accounting software with the option to link your data in the cloud, gain greater flexibility and security with Sage 50cloud.

Sage 50cloud allows you to seamlessly combine the power and productivity of a trusted desktop system, with secure online access and Microsoft Office 365 integration. Gain all the tools you need to work from the office or remotely on any device with an internet connection, at any time.

Sage 200cloud also uses the power of both the desktop and cloud (through its integration with Microsoft Office 365) allowing you to run a smarter and faster business. Its integration with Microsoft Office 365 creates a supercharged accounting solution designed to boost productivity and gain greater control over your business. Sage 200cloud eliminates downtime with a solution that is available 24/7 and enables you to easily manage your accounts, customers and business intelligence.

Sage 200cloud provides improved visibility over your business processes. Manage multiple companies and reports through the Excel module on the move, wherever you are. Sage 200cloud is a business-wide accounting system, providing unique features and functionality to give a powerful, scalable solution that grows with your business.

Although not entirely cloud based, Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud can still give you some of the benefits that a cloud-only solution would deliver. With the freedom of the cloud functionality, yet still having the ability to access key data on PCs, laptops and tablets, you are supported with the growth of your business enabling you to strive for success.

Accounting software doesn't need to be in the cloud, but cloud connected accounting solutions such as Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud give the best of both worlds. Without cloud connectivity, Sage 50 and Sage 200 would not be able to deliver the freedom to work how you want, where you want. Both solutions allow you to choose the options that are right for you, to ensure you are gaining the most out of your accounting solution. Offering more than just accounting support, they help you build an efficient business connecting all your departments from sales to customer services, and dispatch to finances.

CRM Integration

On premise, cloud connected and cloud only solutions have the ability to integrate with CRM solutions. Sage 50cloud can integrate with Act! CRM and Sage CRM, whilst Sage 200cloud has the capability to integrate with Act! CRM, Sage CRM and Salesforce. Incorporating your accounting solution with CRM allows you to become more efficient in your customer interactions, bringing together all the critical information you need to respond faster to customer demands.


To summarise, your accounting solution doesn't need to be cloud only, however the world is heavily shifting towards a cloud first mentality. If you aren't ready to fully invest in the cloud but want some of the benefits - a cloud connected solution could be the answer. Migrating your business to a cloud connected solution can empower your business to become more productive on the move, not just in the office. Depending how you run your business can determine whether your accounting solution should be in the cloud. Ultimately cloud connected solutions, like Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud, give you the freedom to work at your desk or on the move, keeping you connected to your business and customers 24/7, giving you some of the benefits of a cloud system.

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Written By Lily Jones

Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting the business, its services and partnerships. Her role is heavily content based, creating blog articles, newsletters and social media copy as well as creating and implementing the strategy behind them.

Lily also regularly updates the website and our company literature, ensuring the content is fresh and relevant.

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