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A complete guide to Sage 50cloud

News A complete guide to Sage 50cloud

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A complete guide to Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud (the latest version of Sage 50) is aimed to suit the needs to smaller businesses, enabling you to run your business efficiently with a time saving, in-depth solution that manages your accounting, invoicing, cash flow, inventory, tax and so much more. It gives you the reliable information you need to stay in control and drive your business forward, whilst combining all the features of the industry-leading accounting software with the option to link your data in the cloud, giving you greater flexibility and security.

Sage 50cloud enables you to seamlessly combine the power and productivity of a trusted desktop system, with secure online access and an integration with Microsoft Office 365. Sage 50cloud is 'cloud connected' (an on premise solution with cloud connectivity) and provides all the tools you need to work from the office or remotely on any device, at any time. Effectively manage and maintain communication with your employees and customers using instant messaging, Outlook, social media and video conferencing. Stay organised with the help of shared calendars, streamlined content sharing and Chatter functionality.

Always have information on hand with Sage 50cloud. No longer will you need to switch your accounts software when a customer emails you to retrieve their record of transactions and credit status. With Sage 50cloud you will have access to all your customer information at your fingertips whenever you're using Outlook through Sage Contact (part of the Microsoft Office 365 integration). This also applies to supported mobiles and tablets that can access Outlook via a web browser. If you make any updates or additions to your contacts, Sage 50cloud will automatically sync and update making the process simple and seamless.

Sage 50cloud is simple to set up and use, can be adapted to suit your specific business needs and, within reason, can be customised to different roles and responsibilities within your organisation. Backed up with 1TB of cloud storage per user, you can have the peace of mind that everything is secure. Cloud Backup ensures your data is safe and protected in the cloud, instantly sending you notifications if there are issues with your data. You can leave paperwork behind and securely keep all of your documents in OneDrive - with all your documents in the cloud you can access them at any time, regardless of your location.

Integrating Sage 50cloud with a CRM solution

Sage 50cloud can integrate with Sage CRM or Act! CRM, giving you greater business insight and the ability to target customers who may have an interest in your services. By integrating Sage 50cloud with a CRM solution, you can become more productive allowing you to handle customer's queries more efficiently and easily manage new and on-going opportunities. Connect two solutions together to create a single, integrated system that enables you to manage all your customer interactions and seamlessly access important accounting information. Find out more in our article about the benefits of integrating Sage Accounting with a CRM solution.

Trusted by more than 400,000 businesses, Sage 50cloud can be provided in three different versions - Essentials, Standard and Professional. Depending on the functionalities and features you need, determines which version of Sage 50cloud will best suit your business.

Sage 50cloud Essentials is a simple desktop accounting solution.

Sage 50cloud Standard is a desktop accounting solution with invoicing and cash flow management.

Sage 50cloud Professional is a powerful desktop accounting solution with in-depth stock and reporting.

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Lily also regularly updates the website and our company literature, ensuring the content is fresh and relevant.

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