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Why you should introduce a CRM system into your business

News Why you should introduce a CRM system into your business

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Why you should introduce a CRM system into your business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to manage all your relationships with customers and potential customers. A CRM system can help you with contact management, sales management, marketing and workflow. Gain a clear overview of your business enabling you to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your customers. By introducing a CRM solution into your business, you can gain more control over your business and have stronger relationships with your customers and suppliers.

Introducing a CRM system into your business gives you greater insight into your customers enabling you to understand them and their needs better. With all their important information at hand to access whenever you require it, you can create a more positive experience for your customers helping you obtain greater customer service. As soon as a customer contacts your company, representatives can retrieve all available activity concerning past purchases, preferences and anything else that might help them find a solution, creating faster responses and improved customer service. With dashboard reporting, analysing data has never been so easy.

Increase customer revenue

You can increase the revenue of your business with CRM by using the data collected to create more effective marketing campaigns. You can ensure that product promotions and deals reach different and new customers with the help of CRM, rather than just your existing customers. This has potential to effectively increase your customer revenue and can lead you towards generating more sales.

Gain greater internal communication

Introducing a CRM system into your business can improve communication between your employees in and out of the office. By being able to share customer data through CRM between different departments, your business can work as a team and increase profitability and enable a greater service to customers.

Improve data and reporting

With a CRM system in place you can gain improved analysing of data as it allows you to store all your information in one place, taking away the burden of miscalculated data. You can save valuable time by gaining the ability to generate automatic reports and quickly locate information such as customer data and performance reports with a personalised dashboard.

Optimise marketing

A CRM system can allow you to easily understand your customers' needs and behaviour, helping you to identify how and when you should market your products to them. CRM can provide information on the most profitable customer groups and with this information you can target similar prospective groups at the right time, which can enhance your marketing.

CRM Integrations:

Sage Accounting Integration

Integrating a CRM system with your accounting solution can bring valuable customer lead data to your business and streamline your sales process. The integrated systems can help your business become greater prepared, delegate tasks more easily, monitor company performance and spot customer trends as they happen. You can have all your customer information in one place, creating a full 360° view of your business.

Our CRM solutions can integrate with Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud and Sage Financials. Read our article by clicking on the link below to find out more about integrating CRM with Sage Accounting software.

Article - Integrating your Sage Accounting Software with CRM

CRM and Email Marketing Integration

By integrating a CRM system with your email marketing, you can track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and monitor how customers react. Having the ability to monitor the amount of clicks, open rates and bounces your emails receive through CRM allows you to understand which campaigns work well and which ones are less effective. By being able to track customer satisfaction an complaints, you can respond quickly and effectively in order to create a positive customer service.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a huge aspect of our lives, we use it multiple times a day to interact with others and receive the latest updates and news from businesses. It is now common practice to use social media in business, as this can be key to driving sales and creating brand recognition. Social media is the best place to get closer with customers, connecting with them wherever they are and posting content that they can access. It has become the golden opportunity to effectively engage with customers and create long-lasting relationships and best of all...it's free!

Integrating a CRM system with your social media accounts empowers your customer relationships by providing you with a clear overview of what they interact most with when you post an update, allowing you to target the right products or services to them. By incorporating your social media and CRM, you can maintain a consistent brand voice, solve customer issues quickly, increase market share and brand value. Social media CRM tools make it possible for you to track and engage with customers to provide a meaningful experience.

By incorporating CRM into your business processes you will be creating a more efficient, effective business with greater customer communications and improved company performance.

Our CRM solutions:

Act! CRM is the world's leading contact and customer management system which enables you to organise all your customer information in one central location. Find out more

Sage CRM gives end-to-end visibility and data you can trust, enabling you to make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time information. Find out more

Salesforce CRM is the world's leading cloud-based CRM system, which has revolutionised the way businesses manage their relationships with customers. Find out more

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Written By Lily Jones

Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting both the business and its services. She updates the website and ensures the content is relevant, is involved in the strategy and implementation of digital marketing as well as producing and updating company literature.

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