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The top accounting software built for schools

News The top accounting software built for schools

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The top accounting software built for schools

Looking for a top accounting solution to work with your school systems?

We have the answer - our seamless iSAMS and Sage integration.

At Solutions we have been working alongside iSAMS for multiple years as their exclusive Sage business partner. We have created a comprehensive integration between Sage Accounting solutions, Sage 200 and Sage Financials, and the iSAMS Fee Billing module to bring key administration and accounts information together.

The 'Sage Accounts Connector module' is designed to provide a seamless integration between the Fee Billing module within iSAMS and Sage 200 / Sage Financials, giving you more control and greater flexibility in order for you to manage your billing, payments and statements more effectively.

You can customise your Sage 200 to allow it to fit easily within your school environment. The module integration allows reporting of outstanding invoices by parent and/or pupil and the creation of parent statements with a full breakdown by pupil.

The dynamic integration of the two platforms allows you to benefit from simple and efficient invoice creation processes. Whilst the iSAMS Fee Billing module takes care of generating invoices, Sage focuses purely on completing the necessary accounting activities.

The integration also offers:

  • Simple and efficient invoice creation
  • Sharing of billing information and deferred income posts
  • The ability to tag and reassign transactions

Berkhamsted School are one of many satisfied clients that have benefited from our integration. We understood that integration and having one connected system was a necessity for them. Not only from an efficiency point of view, but also because an integrated system means less errors, a clear overview of Sage 200 and the Fee Billing module and visible traceability of students and their outstanding fees.

Vice Principal Business Operations said "Using iSAMS integrated with Sage 200 has opened up doors for us to do more with our software. We are now on a system in which I have great confidence; Sage is future-proofed, which opens us up to many more software possibilities to help our finance team add value and insight to the school as well as processing transactions more efficiently."

Read our Berkhamsted School case study here: https://solutionsforaccounting.co.uk/type/case-stu...

Our latest integration is Sage Financials with iSAMS. Sage Financials is a cloud only solution built on the Salesforce platform and uses the latest technology to help you manage your financial information in real time, regardless of your location. This innovative solution propels your school into the future of software, giving you the visibility you need to keep an eye on your finances and pupil fees at a glance through a visual, easy-to-use dashboard. Dynamic integration between iSAMS and Sage Financials will allow you to benefit from simple and efficient invoice creation processes and will give you a clear overview of your school wherever you are on any mobile device. While the iSAMS Fee Billing module is responsible for generating invoices, Sage focus on solely on completing the necessary accounting software.

Do you want more information on our iSAMS and Sage Accounting integration? Contact our specialists today on 0115 840 5075 or email enquiries@solsforacc.co.uk.

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Written By Lily Jones

Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting both the business and its services. She updates the website and ensures the content is relevant, is involved in the strategy and implementation of digital marketing as well as producing and updating company literature.

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