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Integrating your Sage Accounting Software with CRM

News Integrating your Sage Accounting Software with CRM

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Integrating your Sage Accounting Software with CRM

One streamlined solution to avoid errors and duplication.

Integrating your Sage Accounting system with CRM can help your business free up precious time and allow you to manage all your business processes in one central location. Having all your customer information in one place creates a full 360° view of your business.

Sage 50cloud:

With Sage 50cloud and Act! CRM integration you can connect the two solutions together to create a single, unified resource that enables you to easily manage all your customer interactions and seamlessly access important financials information.

Have information on hand for when you need it to empower your teams and instantly find a customer to see all the interactions they have had and the interactions they're planning to have. With integrated Act! CRM, view all of your financial records including invoices, orders, quotations and transactions within an easy-to-use solution.

Using combined Act! CRM and Sage 50cloud data you can create powerful searches, groups and reports to gain greater agility, as well as effectively market your products and services. Produce sales orders and invoices directly from within Act! CRM, allowing your business to work smarter, not harder.

Sage 200cloud:

Empower your business with Sage 200cloud and Act! CRM integration. Become more effective in your customer interactions with a comprehensive view of your client's financial status, order history, credit balances and accounting history.

Choose from a range of different Act! versions that will best fit your business needs. Integrate your Sage 200cloud accounting software with Act! Pro, ideal for small businesses, Act! Premium that is suitable for SMEs who require a fully featured solution, or Act! Premium Plus for those who need a more adaptable system that captures unique data.

Integrating Act! CRM with Sage 200cloud can improve productivity throughout your business by streamlining processes, allowing you to spend less time maintaining records on two different systems. Link Sage 200cloud and Act! records easily, with a smooth and automated process. Spend more time on what you value most - your customers, with an integrated system.

Sage 50cloud:

By integrating your Sage 50cloud with Sage CRM, you can achieve a competitive advantage in your marketplace and gain greater insight into your business processes. Increase productivity and grow your business by bringing together all your departments including sales, finance, marketing and customer service.

Improve customer service with a complete view of each of your customer's life cycle and gain the tools you require to resolve queries faster, with a more personalised response. Integrated Sage CRM and Sage 50cloud markets more effectively by giving you the ability to create targeted campaigns based on customer information and buying trends to deliver better return on your marketing budget.

Sage CRM integrated with Sage 50cloud will empower your productivity and avoid the duplication of errors that come hand in hand with two separate systems. Handle customer service queries efficiently and source quotes faster with an integrated solution that allows you to work smarter, not harder. By automating workflows you can seamlessly connect one department to the next, allowing your business to operate smoothly.

Sage 200cloud:

Integration between Sage 200cloud and Sage CRM allows you to quickly analyse, manage and synchronise sales, marketing and customer service giving you a clear 360° view of your business. With an integrated solution that offers an easy-to-use dashboard and fast deployment can save you time, increase productivity and revenue, and uncover new opportunities.

Effectively manage and report on all sales information and allocate new leads easily with effective sales automation. Gain integrated e-marketing to help you target the right customers and monitor the performance of your campaigns with integrated Sage 200cloud and CRM.

Sage CRM integrated with Sage 200cloud brings together all the critical information you need to react to customer demands faster and allows you to use all your social media channels to listen, engage and interact with your customers without needing to leave your Sage CRM system.

Sage 200cloud:

By integrating Sage 200cloud with Salesforce you can create an empowered, efficient sales team that drives revenue by customising your dashboard and automating repetitive tasks to seamlessly manage your sales cycle. Close deals faster with advanced analytics, reporting and forecasting.

Combining Sage 200cloud with Salesforce allows you to scale your customer service capabilities without complexity and reduce response time, building a positive, long-lasting relationship with each of your customers. You can better understand your customers' needs, solve their problems and identify opportunities to help them.

Create cross-channel marketing campaigns and use data from every department to produce smarter emails that engage with customers. With seamless customer experience, empower your marketing team to connect with customers using one integrated system that shows all your business processes in one place.

By integrating a CRM solution with your Sage Accounting system you can manage all your business processes in one place, without having to look across two different systems. Have access to all your customer information in one central location, allowing you to have a clear visibility over your business.

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Written By Lily Jones

Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting the business, its services and partnerships. Her role is heavily content based, creating blog articles, newsletters and social media copy as well as creating and implementing the strategy behind them.

Lily also regularly updates the website and our company literature, ensuring the content is fresh and relevant.

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