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Introducing Sage Business Cloud

News Introducing Sage Business Cloud

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Introducing Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business CloudSage has unveiled a new platform, Sage Business Cloud. It has the business life cycle in mind and takes into account every stage a business encounters enabling them to grow and expand with the support of their software. This new and advanced platform offers a powerful range of cloud and cloud connected products and has been purpose built to support the upcoming generation of modern businesses whilst supporting traditional businesses too with cloud connected options. Sage Business Cloud is an umbrella term for all their products fitting them into the following segments: accounting, financials, enterprise management, people, payroll and payments and banking. With all of Sage’s products encompassed under one platform, it will become easier for businesses to transform and grow, enabling them to perform and respond quickly delivering greater insight and opportunity.

What does Sage Business Cloud do?

Sage Business Cloud encompasses cloud and on premise solutions (with cloud connectivity) for all businesses, whether that be a start-up or corporate giant. With everything you need under one umbrella, Sage have simplified the way you work with their products and services helping you support your business. Sage have made it their mission to make Sage Business Cloud the only platform a business will ever need irrespective of your size, industry sector or growth ambitions.

Sage are committed to providing solutions for businesses that will create long term customer success and that will push your business growth. Now that all Sage products are together under one umbrella term, they have been placed into categories making their place in a business more comprehensive.

What about Sage 50 and Sage 200?

As for Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud (formerly Sage 50c and Sage 200c – on premise solutions with cloud connectivity), they have now become the bridge that holds the different categories together. Both products can be seen in multiple categories and are the glue that hold Sage Business Cloud intact. Sage 50cloud covers both accounting and financials, whilst Sage 200cloud covers financials and enterprise management, giving a smooth transition as your business grows.

The Sage Business Cloud category breakdown:

Sage Accounting, formerly Sage One, is a small business solution allowing you to take care of admin in a time efficient way, enabling you to focus on running your business. You can still track payments against all of your invoices using your mobile or tablet on the go as long as you have an internet connection. Sage Accounting enables you to work smarter, not harder allowing your business to grow and create new opportunities.

Sage Enterprise Management delivers faster, easier and more flexible business management without the complexity of typical ERP systems, targeting larger corporations. It accelerates your business through production, sales and customer service allowing you to gain greater insight into your business performance. With secure cloud and mobile access to information, it simplifies business management enabling you to meet the needs of your industry.

Sage People is a global HR and people management system allowing you to attract, manage and maintain your business workforce. Designed for SMEs, this product is user friendly and can be customised to fit your specific business needs. Instant visibility of your workforce allows you to make more efficient business decisions with smart analytics enabling you to manage your team, at any time on any device.

Sage Payroll is simple to use with strong in-built security, saving you time and helping you to efficiently manage your business. You can pay your people instantly with mobile access everywhere reducing your time spent on admin. Sage Payroll allows you to create accurate payslips in just four clicks, making the product simple and straightforward.

Sage Payments and Banking is a way for your customers to pay you using a range of secure and reliable payment solutions. It makes your payment processes faster and simpler giving you more control over your payments. Sage Payments and Banking allows you to be confident when paying your suppliers and employees, with accuracy and security.

How is it relevant to Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud users?

Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud enables users to spend less time on admin and more time attracting customers to their business through a cloud connected service. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly making its way into accounting technology, businesses will have the opportunity to simplify tax and accounting. AI analyses large amounts of data to reveal patterns – the more data that is collected, the more intelligent it becomes. Data can be anything from invoices to interactions on social media learning trends.

Linked with AI comes a new piece of technology that has been introduced by Sage. Pegg Bot will help Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud users to manage their tax and finances in a simple and efficient way. Built into Facebook Messenger and Skype, the bot allows users to speak into their smart phone to document expenses and it will respond by logging all the relevant information in Sage. Pegg Bot is fast and free to use, and is accessible on the go through a smartphone. It is a great way to help Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud users to keep up to date with their business without losing track with the help of a “smart assistant who lives where you work” – similar to Amazon Alexa.

Cloud Reporting will help Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud users save time by automating reports to run at their convenience. It allows users to gain control with accurate excel-based reports straight from their Sage solution and helps them gain instant access to information that can be viewed whenever and wherever, enabling businesses to make their own decisions at a glance.

Making Tax Digital

Sage Business Cloud Products are all Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant, ensuring you are MTD ready ahead of the legislation change in April 2019.

You will no longer be able to manually enter your VAT figures onto the HMRC website, but instead submit them directly from authorised software.

Read our MTD article

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To summarise, Sage Business Cloud isn’t a new product – it is an umbrella term to categorise all the Sage solutions making the process more user friendly. All their accounting products fall under ‘Sage Business Cloud’ in the 6 categories mentioned above, with some products overlapping categories. This provides an entire business life cycle process and the appropriate software to support a business at the relevant times in the business cycle, making it easier for you to decide which solution is best for your business depending on where in the cycle you are, providing support as you grow.

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Written By Lily Jones

Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting the business, its services and partnerships. Her role is heavily content based, creating blog articles, newsletters and social media copy as well as creating and implementing the strategy behind them.

Lily also regularly updates the website and our company literature, ensuring the content is fresh and relevant.

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