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What is CRM and what does it stand for?

News What is CRM and what does it stand for?

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What is CRM and what does it stand for?

In today’s business world, it is important to be ahead of the competition and stand out! This is when you need clear visibility over your business, forecasts and patterns.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is an approach that helps to manage all of a company’s relationships and interactions with their customers and potential customers. Usually, when companies talk about CRM they will refer to a CRM system; a device that helps with contact management, sales management, marketing and workflow to name a few. Additionally, a CRM solution allows file sharing, scheduling and instant messaging between employees, making the workplace more flexible. Having access to a CRM solution can give a precise and clear overview of your business, allowing you to see everything in one place without losing track of your customers.

Not only does a CRM system allow you to have a clear overview of your business, it also enables you and your company to build a meaningful relationship with your customers. You are able to see all a customer’s previous history with your company, the status of the orders that they have made, and any customer service issues that are outstanding. Not only this, but a CRM system also allows you to include information from a customer’s social media activity, such as their likes and dislikes, and what they have said and shared about your company.

Whether you are working in your office, or on the move, you can connect to a CRM system anywhere, any time, on any device. The cloud enables you to access any customer data on the go through any device, without having to be at your desk. This is beneficial as it enables easy and quick access, wherever you are at any time. It also allows you to increase the time you spend selling, with productivity and collaboration tools that work anywhere.

There are many benefits to introducing a CRM system to your company and are proven to produce outstanding results, including the increase of sales. One of the main benefits of using a CRM system is that they create a better overall customer experience, as customers are more accurately segmented. This allows you to interact with customers in a more meaningful manner, as your relationship with them can be accurately tracked. Therefore, sales are likely to increase, be more efficient customer satisfaction will grow.

By bringing a customer management system into your business, you are integrating a new approach that will allow you to have more control, better understanding and better interaction with your customers, suppliers, contacts and employees throughout your business. This will give you greater visibility and clarity throughout your entire business.

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Written by Lily Jones

Apprentice Marketing Assistant

As Marketing Assistant, Lily assists the Marketing Manager in promoting both the business and its services. She updates the website and ensures the content is relevant, is involved in the strategy and implementation of digital marketing as well as producing and updating company literature.

Bethan Wright

Marketing Manager

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