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Sage 200: What would you integrate?

News Sage 200: What would you integrate?

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Sage 200: What would you integrate?

Aside from Sage 200, you may run a number of different solutions for tasks such as eCommerce, marketing, warehouse management, or rely on a bespoke application. However, the lack of connectivity between these systems can cause significant business inefficiency and competitive weakness.

Just the thought of initiating an integration project to synchronise business data and streamline day to day processes can create an endless degree of brainstorming, planning and headaches.

Many factors have to be taken into consideration such as having the correct staff levels to combat development time frames as they drain resources from necessary everyday activities. Further still, when the project grows you stumble into hidden factors such as unexpected delays or compromises and endless automated data queries caused by ‘fault lines’ between integrated systems.

You start thinking should I pay to outsource this project to meet the deadline? Do we need to bring in a new member of staff to cope with the workload?

The simple answer is no. Software application integration and business process automation doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to be expensive.

Enabling business applications to work together

TaskCentre provides organisations using Sage 200 and other solutions with an affordable data integration platform to connect systems, departments and people. In short, it removes data bottlenecks and repetitive rekeying.

TaskCentre’s Data Integration & Synchronisation platform enables you to integrate Sage 200 with practically any on-premise or cloud-based application at a fraction of the cost of bespoke development. More importantly, TaskCentre’s drag and drop integration tools ensure that you can rapidly automate business processes to reduce operational costs and improve company performance.

The Data Integration & Synchronisation platform’s flexibility means practically any integration requirement can be addressed. Common integrations achieved include:

  • Magento Integration
  • Parcelforce Integration
  • eBay Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • EDI Integration

Extending your investment to deliver more

All business transactions with trading partners will ultimately result in the transfer of data. It could take the form of an .xml file transfer or simply an order being received. Regardless of the type and nature of the data, you are often required to integrate this with Sage 200 or pass data to trading partner systems. This can be time-consuming and costly for staff to process.

Through the Data Integration and Synchronisation platform organisations can integrate data passed from other applications, for example EDI files with Sage 200. Furthermore, this platform can also push data to external business applications.

Is TaskCentre for Sage 200 right for you?

In the first instance, businesses look for software application integration tools to be easy to install and use. TaskCentre tasks can be easily created by anyone with a basic understanding of your businesses database structures. Combined with Solutions for Accounting’s knowledge and experience in implementing TaskCentre to suit your exact requirements, your next Sage 200 integration and business process automation projects couldn’t be simpler.

If you would like to find out more about how TaskCentre for Sage 200 can simplify your Sage 200 integration projects and the added functionality it can provide your business, call us on 0115 840 5075

Written By Bethan Wright

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Bethan is responsible for all marketing activities within the business and plays a key role in developing our growing business marketing strategy and brand awareness.

Bethan's diverse role involves a large amount of project management - managing multi-channel marketing campaigns, full exhibition and event management, working with and promoting our partner relationships (Sage, Swiftpage and Salesforce), and tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of all marketing operations.

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