Independent Schools Accounting Software

With out independent schools accounting software you can take control of your billing, payments and statements with Sage software for schools.

School Accounting Software

With over 20 years’ experience supporting Schools and businesses, our expert team can help you understand how Sage accounting solutions can be configured to support your independent school effectively.

We have plenty of experience and knowledge of implementing and supporting systems for Independent schools, working with industry leading solutions from iSAMS and Furlong’s FeeMaster. We are well prepared to help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation to the support that you will receive once your business is up and running. We are able to tailor the software to your requirements, ensuring you can have as much control as possible over your schools operations.

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Sage Accounts Connector Module

Our talented in house developers created a comprehensive integration between Sage 200 and the iSAMS Fee Billing module in order to bring together key administration and accounts information.

This module is designed to provide a seamless integration, giving you greater control and flexibility in the way you manage your billing, payments and statements.

Furlong FeeMaster

FeeMaster is a fee-billing package that offers flexibility and total control over billing and financial administration within your school. It fully integrates with Sage accounting systems and can produce invoices for any aspect of school life, ensuring that parents receive the information they need clearly and concisely. Finance staff can keep track of who has been billed and for what purpose.

Anything but restrictive

Linking with your established MIS, allow FeeMaster to raise as many bills as required, for any group of students, as well as automate charges for recurring payments without having to manually process it each time. There are no constraints on billing, preparing or distributing invoices, and there are no constraint on what the invoice is for.

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“Spot on service, excellent knowledge and speed as always.”

Terry Mccarthy, DJH Group Ltd

“Very quick response times and support received surpassed my expectations. George was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. “

Ian Hindmarch, Pajunk UK Medical Products Limited

Nick Kenyon, Numed Healthcare

What’s next?

One of our consultants will host an exploratory phone conversation with you to ensure which system is right for your school and to build an understanding of your processes. You will also be invited see a demonstration of the system, focusing on the elements that are important to the way you operate. All of our demonstrations are uniquely tailored to the client so we won’t waste your time with features that have no relevance to your procedures.

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a new system, our talented support team will ensure there is a smooth implementation into your school. We will ensure your system is configured to complement and streamline your existing processes, importing relevant data and making sure your teams are trained to a high level. Our award-winning support team will always be on hand to help with any issues you may face.

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