Direct Debit module

Voyager are a leading provider of recruitment software, providing an advanced and fully integrated end-to-end solution for recruiters. With their software having been written by recruiters, Voyager pride themselves on their high quality software with an edge, having this first-hand knowledge of the industry challenges reflected in their product.

Our brief:

Many of their customers pay monthly, annual and quarterly subscription fees using direct debits as a way of managing their cash flow. It is also effective to offer this method of payment to their clients as it eliminates the administration burden.

Voyager’s direct debit processing was relatively manual in the past. They used an internal system to pick up the amount to be collected, and as a result faced a lot of accuracy issues, therefore having to complete additional precision checking before being able to process the DD collection. In addition, they also had to allocate each customers payment manually in Sage which was not only time consuming, but very tedious and open to human error.

Solutions’ Approach

Once the decision was made to progress forward with an automated system, a demo was arranged with Solutions.

“We found it very interesting and were able to ask questions and discuss ways in which we would use the software for our business.” Emma Ritchie, Assistant Accountant

Once the decision was made to go ahead, the process went very smoothly. A member of the Solutions support team logged into Voyager’s PCs externally to install the software and a desktop demonstration was given, including a short training session.

Client Testimonial

The direct debit add-on is extremely user friendly, we found it so easy to use and navigate around, it also integrates seamlessly with Sage. Not only has this software removed the element of human error, it has also cut out approximately 3 hours of work a month from our finance department. I would highly recommend this add-on to any business who wants to collect direct debits from their customers in a quick and accurate manner.” Emma Ritchie, Assistant Accountant.

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