Apprenticeship Case Study

Support Technician

Takunda Mushambi is an Apprentice Support Technician and joined us from a local sixth form, Trinity School, having completed his A-levels. Whilst studying he also worked as a construction labourer and a trainee gym instructor.

“I decided on an apprenticeship because I liked the idea of being able to develop my knowledge and skills in a job role I would enjoy, whilst having the opportunity to earn money. I also wanted a career within the IT sector, so I thought an apprenticeship would be the best route.

“I applied for an apprenticeship at Solutions because I had visited the Solutions’ offices on a sixth form trip and thought Solutions would be a great place to start my career, so I applied for an apprenticeship. I also knew a friend who worked at Solutions, and they highly recommended the company as they invest time and effort in their employees progression.

“My experience of an apprenticeship is the opportunity to learn more about the world of work and being involved with day to day tasks that are related to your job role, whilst earning money. I believe it’s the perfect opportunity to get a head start in your career.

“I am currently training in the Support department as a Support Technician, helping clients with their software usability. Every day is different for me as we have a vast client base, I use problem solving skills on a regular basis, which is great for me as I love a challenge.

“My Manager supports me with my progress and experienced colleagues help me whenever I have a question. I am allocated time every week to work on my college coursework for my ICT Professionals qualification and am also registered to training sessions in order to become an expert in my role.

“I find my apprenticeship challenging as every day is different and new queries occur from our client portfolio. We are extremely busy in the Support team, so I have to be organised in order to keep on top of cases, however I am constantly supported by my colleagues.

“I would recommend an apprenticeship at Solutions as you have the opportunity to step into the working environment, as well as learning new skills. It is enjoyable and rewarding, and allows you to get a head start in life.

“My future aspirations are to complete my apprenticeship and become as qualified in my role as possible, to help clients but also train new colleagues in the future. Eventually I would like progress into a management role.”

If you are interested in joining our apprenticeship programme, please email with your CV and covering letter.